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November 13, 2013

Topic : About Christmas

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Class #117, Group #2
Presenter : 문일영, 권현담, 김혜련
Glossary :
1. Commemorate – to do something to show you remember an important person or event in the past with respect.
2. Wreath – a large ring of leaves and flowers used as a decoration or to show respect for someone who has died.
3. Candy cane – a piece of flavored hard candy shaped like a cane. (= walking stick)
4. Ornament – an attractive object that is used as a decoration in a home or garden.
5. Description – something that tells you what someone or something is like: of any/every/some description.
Our presentation is about Christmas. We spilt the subject up into three groups. The groups are ‘The history of Christmas’, ‘The symbols’, and ‘Holiday’.
First, about the history of Christmas. Christmas is the anniversary to celebrate the birth of Jesus in christianity. Most people know Christmas is Jesus’s birthday. However, it is the day to commemorate the birth of Jesus, not his birthday. There is no specific description of Jesus’s birthday in the Bible. [1]
Second, there are many things about the symbols of Christmas. People associate various symbolic icons with Christmas. Symbols of Christmas are: Christmas trees, Santa Claus, red socks, presents, Rudolf, a variety of foods etc.
The Christmas trees take with lots of ornaments decorating the tree. Many flash bulbs, tiny accessories and so on. Santa Claus who we think commonly give the present to many children. The present is laid in red socks. So many children lay the red socks at they’re bedside. Last we eat many foods such as cake, turkey meat and wine on Christmas.
크리스마스 트리
The last topic is holiday. Christmas is a holiday. Christmas is a Christian festival. However, in some religiously diverse societies, such as Korea, it is recognized as a holiday for everybody. So we have a party with our family and then games with friends at Christmas. In addition, couples have dates at famous Christmas spots.[2]


4. Discussion Questions
1. who will spent this Christmas with you?
2. what’s your favorite Christmas song?
3.what’s the best Christmas present you ever received?


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