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November 13, 2013

Trips on Subway Line 4

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1. Glossary

1) Oido-station

commemorative : A commemorative object or event is intended to make people remember a particular event or person.

observatory : An observatory is a building with a large telescope from which scientists study things such as the planets by watching them.

cockpit : In an aeroplane or racing car, the cockpit is the part where the pilot or driver sits.

attraction : An attraction is something that people can go to for interest or enjoyment, for example a famous building.

2) Myeong-dong

surrounding : closely encircling

confirm : establish or strengthen as with new evidence or facts

hub : a center of activity or interest or commerce or transportation; a focal point around which events revolve

launch : set up or found

3) Hyehwa

mural : a painting that is applied to a wall surface

sculpture : a three-dimensional work of plastic art

camel : cud-chewing mammal used as a draft or saddle animal in desert regions

2. Text

1) Oido-station


There are famous place near Oido station.

For example, the red lighthouse , big ship , mud flat are landmark in Oido.

First Let me introduce ‘The red lighthouse’.

The red lighthouse is the most famous structure in Oido.

Many people take a commemorative photograph in front of lighthouse.

You can looking out to sea and take a rest sitting on chair in front of lighthouse.

Also, This structure is used as a meeting place.

Next let me intorduce ‘the big ship’.

Big ship is donated by Korea Coast Guard and is used as a observatory.

You can enter the ship. Inside the ship , you can see cockpit and uniform display room , many picture and so on.

As well, Oido is famous for a lot of the restaurants.

Grilled shellfish restaurant, noodles restaurant, restaurant grilled shrimp and so on.

You can eat a variety of seafood.

Former President Lee Myung-bak visited the restaurant there are too.

In addition, there are attractions such as fish market, tree of life, storks rock road.

2) Myeong-dong station

seoul n tower

Today, I will introduce Myeong-dong station, and it’s surroundings.

Myeong-dong station reside in subway number #4.

Myeong-dong is mecca of shopping and city of youth.

Have you heard of N tower?

N tower is located in Myeong-dong and it is landmark of Myeong-dong.

It opens all year.

Many people visit this tower because they want to appreciate wonderful nightscape.

Couple confirm their love through lock.

This lock is called lock of love.

Besides, So many restaurant are situated in this tower. For instance, Hankook, foodOclock, etc.

Have you ever seen street of Myeong-dong?

This street consists of accessory shop, food shop. merchants should learn foreign language.

Because many foreigners visit this street.

They buy many items because travel agency launches package about shopping into Korea.

Moreover, various depertmant store is located in this street.

Therefore, Myeong-dong is hub of shopping.

3) Hyehwa station


Hyehwa station is where living and breathing the breath of youth people.

There is always a lot of people. Because, various University campus, Small theatres and Galleries are located.

We will introduce some of sights.

The first is campus town.

From there, Various theater and outdoor performances can be seen.

Also, Marronnier Park is famous.

Located in the center of small theater and due to variety of performances is always a lively place.

It’s a place where dating of lovers.

The second is Naksan Park.

There named Naksan, Because Naksan Park resembles a camels.

We can easily go up from campus town ,Trails and parks Form.

It is surrounded by largely on the Seoul fortress and Night view is a very beautiful.

We can be seen seoul at a glance at Overlooking the square.

Finally is Ewha mural town.

Ewha village is famous for the beautiful murals.

It is located under the naksan Park easily could go on coming.

Enjoy the murals, as well as various sculptures can snow fun.

In addition, There are plenty of places to take a photo.

So, between friends or lovers can leave good memories.

3. References






4.Discussion Qeustions

1)What do you think is the best staiton on sbway #4?

2)What is the best resturant in Myeong-dong?

3)Whay do you think are popular date places in Hyehwa?

5.Class #117, Group 7, 은은지 김근우 유소영


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