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November 13, 2013

World famous snacks

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We will present about ‘World famous snacks’. Generally, there are three main kinds of snacks in the world. There are three regions named Asia, Europe and North America.

1. Skewer – A skewer is a long metal pin which is used to hold pieces of food together during cooking.
2. Glutinous – Something that is glutinous is very sticky.
3. Resin – Resin is a sticky substance that is produced by some trees.
4. Frankincense – Frankincense is a substance which is obtained from a tree and which smells pleasant when it is burned. It is used especially in religious ceremonies.
5. Tapioca – Tapioca is a food consisting of white grains, rather like rice, which come from the cassava plant.
References: (we used an english-english dictionary.)

Asia’s snacks


Dango is one of the famous japanese snacks in which several round-shaped rice cakes are stuck on a skewer. Its main ingredient is glutinous rice flour. There are many types of dango depending on the ingredient, (sesame dango, red bean dango etc…) [1] Three to four dango are often served on a skewer. [2]

Takoyak is a ball-shaped japanese snack made from flour. And it is filled with octopus that is cut into small pieces. It is known as famous street snack in Japan. [1] Takoyaki was initially popular in the Kansai region, and later spread to the Kantō region and other areas of Japan. You should use a takoyaki pan for making it. If you don’t have it, you can use electric versions resemble a hotplate or stovetop versions instead of a takoyaki pan. [2] It is easy to put in one’s mouth because its diameter is just 3~5 cm. [3]

-Rou jia mo-
‘Rou jia mo’ is like Chinese hamburger. Briefly speaking it is the bread clamp in meat. Before it is a street food in ShanXi Province. But now it is a very popular snake in China. [1] The meat is not ordinary meat. It must be preserved for a long time. Steamed bun is appetizing, And the meat is so crisp, fat but not greasy, lead a person to endless aftertastes.

-Bubble tea-
‘Bubble tea’ is the most representative drink in China. And it is very popular, especially in winter. ‘Bubble tea’ also called ‘Pearl milk tea’, but the pearls are not real pearls, it is chewy tapioca balls. [1] It has many different flavors, including fruit, coffee, chocolate, milk and so on. In the cold winter, if you drink a cup of ‘bubble tea’ can make you feel very warm.

North America’s snacks
-Beaver Tail-

Beaver Tail

The famous Canadian snack is called ‘Beaver Tail’. [1] ‘Beaver Tail’ is one of the cupcakes which is a great combination of flavors with maple syrup and any topping. [2] The main point on this cupcake is how it describes ‘Beaver Tail’ accurately, and it is often used as a wide biscuit. [3]

The most popular Mexican snack ‘Taco’[1] is a Mexican sandwich made of Mexican corn bread, Tortilla, and different kind of ingredients. [2] A recipe for Taco is that spread tortilla with beef, chicken, tomato, cabbage, cheese, onion, chili and fold the tortilla gently in half to eat. [3]

United states
-Buffalo wing-
In USA, Each state has its own representative snack. In New York, Buffalo Wing is the most famous snack. [1] It was made in Buffalo, NY for the first time. [2] A recipe for ‘Buffalo Wing’ is fried Chicken wings without frying powder and a spicy sauce. Especially, it tastes best with sour cream. [3]

Europe’s snacks
One of Turkey’s representative snacks is ‘Dondurma’. It means Turkey’s ice cream. It originated from an area called Maras so, It also known as Maras Ice cream. In general, Its materials are milk, sugar, salrep, and frankincense resin. Features of Turkish ice cream are its density and sticky texture due to frankincense resin. [1]


Liege Waffle

‘Gauffres’ is the most widely-known Belgian Waffles. Belgian people enjoy eating this waffle at any time. There are two types of Belgian waffles. At first, Brussels waffle is basic waffle of rectangular shape. Its toppings are icing sugar, whipped cream, strawberries or chocolate sauce. Another waffle is Liège Waffle. It is round and smaller. Its dough has small sugar lumps and no yeast. [1] So, its taste is more compact and sweet.

Gelato is a famous Italian food. It is a classic type of ice cream. [1] After gelato enters the mouth you can feel it is so crisp, soft and sweet. And gelato is beautiful Italian women’s favorite. It has low sugar and the lowest fat content (10%), so you won’t get fat if you eat it. It is colder than other types of ice cream.

Pizza is a kind of food with sauce and filling that is especially Italian, but actually this kind of food has gone beyond language and cultural barriers. [1] It is a global snack that has been loved by consumers in all countries. The best pizza must have four characteristics: fresh crust, first-class cheese, first-class pizza sauce and fresh filling. In Italy some people eat a pizza at least once a week, some people eat it for lunch and dinner almost every day.

Discussion Questions
1. Have you ever eaten any of these snacks? And which snacks did you eat?
2. Which of these snacks do you want to eat? Why?
3. Which recipe do you think is easy or difficult?
4. Do you like [ Dango/ Rou jia mo/ Buffalo wing/ Gauffres/ Pizza ]? Why?
5. Do you know other world famous snacks? If you do, what are they?

Class #117 /
Group #6 /
Group members’ names –Yang Yoon Soo .
-MA Yeon Hee .
-Chog Fang Fang .
– Bae In Jeong


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