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April 19, 2014

Answers to Homework & Vocabulary Notebook exercises

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Vocabulary Notebook

Page 20

Exercise 1


I’m good at playing chess and skiing and writing poetry

I don’t like to bake cakes or play the guitar or listen to rock music.

Exercise 2

Answers will vary.

Page 30

Exercise 1


feel: better, sick

stay: home, in bed

take: a break, medicine

Exercise 2


be, feel, get sick

get, have allergies

do, get, have a checkup

be, feel, get stressed

do, get exercise

get, have a headache

be, get, go, stay, take home

be, feel, get, stay in shape

get, have, take a vacation

get, have a cough

be, feel, get, stay healthy

be, get, go to, have, see a doctor


Page 18, Exercise 1, Parts B and C


Part B

rockman — outdoors

daisylady — arts and crafts

moneymaker — fashion/arts and crafts

Part C

Answers — Also, which word(s) in each message tell you?

1. moneymaker

sell, flea market

2. rockman

exercise, walk(ing)

3. daisylady

make, pottery, creative

4. moneymaker

(making) money

5. daisylady

creating, cards, handmade

6. rockman


Page 28, Exercise 1, Part C

Possible Answers

1. Some people stop exercising and eating well because they can’t exercise, eat healthy foods, and manage stress all at once.

 They have an “all-or-nothing” approach.

2. The article mentions meditation as a relaxation technique.

3. Some examples of healthy snacks are fruits and nuts.

4. When you eat fast food, you can order something light, go easy on the dressings, and add a healthy side dish.

5. To get more exercise, you can take the stairs instead of the elevator.

Take a walk.

6. A cool, quiet, dark room can help you get a good night’s sleep.

Don’t watch TV before going to sleep.


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