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May 9, 2014

About Everland

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Class # 117, Group # 3, Members : 오준호, 이지은, 윤해리, 홍희정
1. anniversary – a date on which you remember or celebrate something that happened on that date one or more years ago
2. adolescent – a young person who is between being a child and an adult.
3. admission – the money that you pay to enter a place
4. sprinkle – to gently drop small pieces of something over a surface
5. costume – a set of clothes that someone wears to make them look like someone or
something else

Hello everyone! We are Group #3, and our presentation is about Everland.
Everland is most popular amusement park in Korea.
Now we introduce Everland divided into 5 categories. Please listen careful!
1) History
Everland opened in 1976, and was named “Yong-in natural farm”. In 1996, 20th anniversary of opening, it renamed to Everland. It grew bigger and bigger. Finally in 2002, Everland was the 6th most visited amusement park in the world. Even now, a lot of tourist visit the Everland.
2) Price
There are 2 kinds of admission. Day pass and Nighttime pass.
1. Day pass : You can ride all rides and use all facilities from 09:30 to 22:00. And it price is 46.000 won for adult, 39.000 won for adolescent.
2. Nighttime pass : You can ride all rides and use all facilities from 17:00 to 22:00. And it price is 38.000 won for adult, 32.000 won for adolescent.
에버랜드 허리케인
3) Rides
Everland is divided into 6 big sections, “Global fair”, “American adventure”, “Magic land”, “Aesop village”, “European adventure” and “Zootopia”, and has 45 various type of rides. Introducing representative 2 rides, First is “T-express”. It is in “European adventure” section, kinds of roller coaster. “T-express” is wooden coaster, which have the world’s best-fall angle. Second is “Lost valley”, it’s in “Zootopia” section. “Lost Valley” provides a completely differentiated Safari experience, enabling visitors to get a real feel for life in the wilderness, rarely experienced from just reading books.
에버랜드 그랜드 스테이지
에버랜드 튤립축제
4) Festivals
Everland held various festivals, depending on the 4 seasons. Representative festivals are “Summer splash” in summer and “Halloween horror night” in fall. At “Summer splash”, visitors can water gun fight and parade car sprinkle water to visitors. In “Halloween horror night” festival, visitors can costume, such as witch and ghost, etc, and enjoy Halloween party.
5) Foods
There are various foods in Everland. Visitors can eat Korean, Western, Japanese and Chinese food. Fast food and snacks, of course, also in Everland. The popular foods in Everland is ‘Chrrus’, which taste like donut, and ‘Hotdog’. But I think that are common popular foods in every amusement park.


Discussion Questions
1) Which do you prefer Everland or Lotteworld? Why?
2) What’s your favorite rides in Everland? Why?
3) Have you ever participated in Everland festival? If yes, what festival have you ever participate?
If not, what festival do you want to participate in?

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