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May 9, 2014

Korean Traditional Clothes

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class #117, group #5, 송하람, 김민영, 박준열, 오광훈

1. Disease: an illness caused by an infection or by a failure of health and not by an accident
2. Traditional: following the customs or ways of behaving that have continued in a group of people or society for a long time
3. Harmonious: friendly and peaceful
4. Festival: a series of special events, performances, etc that often takes place over several days
5. Natural: Something that is natural exists or happens because of nature, not because it was made or done by people

Hello, everyone! We are group 5 and our presentation is about Korean Traditional Clothes. Korean traditional clothes is Hanbok. Hanbok is derived from a northern Mongol race’s clothes. A northern Mongol race had a nomadic life and horse-riding life. So they had narrow sleeves wide-leg pants. This is the birth of Hanbok. [1]
Hanbok’s design for men consists of Durumagi, Baega, Dabho, Ger-go-ri, Jeon-bok, pants and vest. On the other hand, Design for women consists of Segae skirt, Baeja, Durumagi, Ger-go-ri and skirt. [2]
This Hanbok has many merits. First, Hanbok is very beautiful. The colors are harmonious and The beauty of its curves makes Hanbok beautiful. So we can feel the beauty and emotion of Korea. Second, Hanbok is healthy. Today, many clothes are made with various materials. Some materials are harmful to our health and others have unknown sources. But Hanbok uses natural fiver and colors. Natural material is harmless to our bodies. So we can wear Hanbok without worring. Last, Hanbok is very scientific. Hanbok helps keep the chest cool and ther stomach warm. In this respect, We can prevent our body from getting various diseases. [3]
There is Hanbok festival in Korea. Every year, Hanbok festival is held in Insa-dong. Hanbok festival consists of traditional clothes parade and music performance. The people who are participating are famous Korean traditional music artists. [4]


Discussion Questions
1. Do you know Hanbok? Have you ever heard about Hanbok?
2. What do you think are some of the merits of Hanbok?
3. Have you ever worn Hanbok?

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