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May 12, 2014


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1. Class 87, group 5, 12101785 KIM Sunyoung, 12142147 CHOI Jusung, 12141304 PARK Youngseuk, 12141335 YU Yeonghyu
2. Glossary
a) Pitcher : (Noun) in baseball, someone who throws the ball at the person who is going to hit it
b) Batter : (Noun) the person who is trying to hit the ball in baseball
c) Belong to sb : If something belongs to you, you own it
e.g. This necklace belonged to my grandmother.
d) Velocity : (Noun) the speed at which something moves
e) representative : (Noun) Someone who is typical of the group to which they belong can be described as representative
e.g. I am representative of the whole class.
3. Text
Hello, everyone. We are group 5 and our presentation is about BASEBALL.
Basically, baseball is divided into offenders and defenders. A team which are offenders, hit the ball
and run from base to base until they pass the home base. The other team which are defenders
has 9 positions. One is pitcher who throws a ball to a batter and the others catch a ball that is
hit by batters and toss to any bases. When a defenders team gets three-out count, the half
inning is over and the offensive and defensive positions are changed. As a general rule, baseball
games in ninth inning, a team which gets more running scores wins the game. In each inning,
each team has a turn to bat and score runs. However, when a batter strikes out or was not able
to hit the ball that was thrown by a pitcher three times, the team’s half inning ends. And the
game isn’t time-limited. So far, this explanation is about the rule of baseball. From now on, we will
introduce to you about some famous baseball players. First of all, Suzuki Ichiro.
Suzuki Ichiro.jpg
He is Japanese
and born in 1973. Now he belongs to New York Yankees. He is the most famous player in Asia
because he wins Golden Gloves in 10 times. The next is CHOO Shinsoo.
CHOO Shinsoo.jpg
He is Korean and born in
1982. He belongs to Texas Rangers. He is one of the best player in national team as a outfielder
and a batter. And RYU Hyunjin is Korean and born in 1987.
RYU Hyunjin.jpg
He is representative of Koeran pitcher.
He belongs to LA dodgers. His strength is change-up which throwing motion is same as fast-ball’s
but velocity is slower. The last one is Tanaka Masahiro. He is Japanese and born in 1988. He
belongs to New York Yankees with Ichiro. This is a first season that he signed with New York
Yankees. And he has a record that 28 wins as a pitcher in Japanese professional baseball league.
This is the end of our presentation for now. And thank you for your attention.
4. References
c) Google image search
5. Discussion Questions
a) What is your preference between offense and defense?
b) What is your favorite baseball team? And how long?
c) Have you ever seen a baseball game in a stadium?


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