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May 12, 2014


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1. Class #87, group#7
Group members : 이치호 신재영 김종윤 박진수
2. Glossary
Archeologist : [NOUN]Archaeologyisthestudyofthesocietiesandpeoplesofthepastbyexaminingtheremainsoftheirbuildings, tools, and other objects.
ferment :[NOUN]Ferment is excitement and trouble caused by change or uncertainty.
antibiotic :[NOUN]Antibiotics are medical drugs used to kill bacteria and treat infections.
gulp down : to swallow something quickly and noisily.
oxidation : [NOUN]Oxidation is a process in which a chemical substance changes because of the addition of oxygen.
3. Text
Hello everyone!

We are group #7

We are going to talk about beer.
Maybe most of you love beer. What characteristics do you know about beer?
Yeah, it’s cool, yellow, and it’s a kind of alcoholic drink made by grain.
But you maybe don’t know about the history and ingredients of beer.
Now, we’ll introduce it.
Archeologists think the history of beer started when cereal was first farmed. It’s accepted that the Sumerians of Mesopotamia produced beer first by fermenting bred made from grain.
In Korea, making beer started in 1933 by a Japanese company.
Rice, corn, barley is used as ingredients and the ratio depends on the difference of climate, regions and preference. This beverage has low alcohol content and active components of beer make its taste bitter and make good fragrance. It has antibiotic materials, so it protects what germs invade to beer.
Beer is drunken with many kinds of snack.
The snacks which are not heavy on the stomach are the best to eat with beer because people prefer to gulp down beer.
For example, fried chicken, barbecue, sausage, crackers, peanuts, and potato chips are the best snacks served with beer. If you drink with them, you can enjoy it much better.

“Lager Beer” is fermented at low temperature. It needs long ripening period but it is the good-flavor and universal beer. “Draft Beer” is fermented at low temperature and its fermentation bacteria is not sterilized. “Lambic Beer” is a Belgian beer. “Super Dry Beer” is usually 5 degrees higher than one degree beer is frankly almost no sweetness.
Now let’s look at curiosities about beer.
Do you know ways to drink beer tastily?
You can drink beer deliciously at 4-8 degrees in summer, 8-12 degrees in winter, 6-10 degrees in spring and fall. These temperatures are well suited for carbon dioxide in beer. But that cold beer and put it in the freezer is prohibited. Beer is sensitive to changes in temperature changeable tastes sudden temperature changes. 2-4 hours before drinking beer and put it in the refrigerator can be my taste.
Why the beer head arise?
Beer head called ‘flower of beer’ is not just for appearance. This avoids the spill of carbon dioxide and prevents oxidation of beer.
4. Reference
5. Discussion question
1. What kind of beer do you like best?
2. What’s your favorite side dish when you drink beer?
3. What do you think about Korean drinking culture?


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