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May 12, 2014

Famous Festivals

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class 57 , group 6, 신민지 최제우 황성현 정진호

1.plummet : to fall very quickly and suddenly
2.carver : a knife with a blade that is moved very quickly by electricity, used for cutting cooked meat
3.primitive : relating to human society at a very early stage of development, with people living in a simple way without machines or a writing system
4.marinate : to put fish, meat, or vegetables in a mixture of oil, vinegar or wine and spices before cooking, in order to flavor it or make it softer
5.specialty : the subject of one’s study or work, or a particular skill


Hello, every one. We are group 6. Now, We will introduce Famous World Festivals to you.
There are many kinds of Regional festivals.
These regions are Europe, Asia, America, and Australia.
First, We can interest Asia belong to korea.
There is Japan’s Snow festival. It is Sapporo Snow festival.
Japan was defeated in World War ll. So they overcome the pain and spend fun time with cold and long winters.
First event was held in 1950. and it starts the at beginning of February each year.
this festival exhibits snow and ice sculptures.
From all over the world, snow or ice carvers produced over 300 large and small snow to catch the eye of tourists, else concerts, ski show, laser shows, fashion shows, singing competitions, including the inter national Snowmobile, various events such as the Snow Queen and the contest.
Secondly, Boryeong Mud Festival in Korea. This is literally a mud festival.
The festival was held to promote the specialty of mud.
It was first held in 1998. Mud festival has a large mud bath, mud slides, mud ski competition.
this variety of programs give pleasure for tourist. and many foreigners visit.
Secondly, We can introduce Europe famous festival.
Last Wednesday of August each year, the province of Valencia, Spain, a little village ‘뷰놀’ will be noisy.
Not even one decent accommodation in a small town of 10,000 population is crowded with tourists begin to do.
Because tomato festival that a small town was made ??world-class festival of the city is due to open.
La tomatina originated when angry farmers threw tomatoes at a councilman when tomato values plummeted, 1944. [3]
La tomatina starts jamon on a tree picked.
Jamon is tradition food of Spain made of pork marinated in salt.
As climb tree, it is not easy because of this tree had slippery oil.
Let’s start tomato festival after picking jamon.
We should be throw crushed tomato only to the extent not hurt.
To ones surprise, tomato used festival is more 100 tons.
We can see various people.
kissing couple, swimming in the tomato pool, etc. [4]
On this day as a day, if my body is covered in tomato, I feel it is refreshing.
Next, we will meet second festival.
Do you like beer? I like beer. So I want to go this festival.
All German exited beer and Germany’s beer tastes is very good.
So the Germany has the world’s most famous beer festival.
October festival hosted Theresienwiese of Munich from 1810.
This festival is originated that citizens celebrate royal family marriage.
Now each other thanks to the fall harvest festival was expanded to send and
receive beer. [5]
It is opened the first Sunday in October to the last day open 16 days.
In festival square, more than 4,000 people stood open space.
Tent that you can drink beer is instructed very large, and big tent is to temporarily
change the beer holes.
As well as, the maker beer and special beer for festival are consumed 6,000,000
liters during festival time. [6]
Thirdly, We can introduce America festival.
At first, famous festival in canada is quebec winter carnival.
It is on open every from January 31st to February 16th.
It started as a small festival in 1894 by resident but now became the biggest festival in canada. there are 3 very special things. first, it is canoe race. canoe race is the sports that broke the ice and race on the ice.
second special thing is snow bath. it is bath with snow in ?20 temperatures. it need to check the health because of it is so dangerous.
last thing is dog sled and snow horse carriage. many tourist experienced this.[7]
Second famous festival is rio carnival in brazil.
this festival started at late February and continue on four days about 700,000 tourists visit Brazil for this festival.
rio festival is the biggest samba festival and most loved festival for Brazilian.
On festival, people dance that weared fancy dresses.
and festival exist exited samba music and many festival.[8]
Last famous festival is Independence Day. This festival cerebrate for independence about England. the date is the 4th of July. This day spread many performances
and firework at the Washington Monument. and many American go out the picnic.
Finally, You can be introduced Australia festivals.
The Sydney Royal Easter Show that is being held from 10thto23rdof Apr. is
Australia’s festival that everyone can have unique experiences, from Australian
primitive culture to the modern day lifestyles.
This largest Australian representative show was first held in 1823 and is still attracting over 1 million people each year celebrating the Easter for about 3 weeks around. [10]
About 30 thousand people join the show which has about 40 competitions on 5000
The winner gets the Sydney Royal Ribbon of authority, and the judges reward the
best of the best with prize money.
The show has also children’s performance, amusement rides, kids ‘ activity with the games, kids’ carnival, an adventure in kid’s world.
The children participate in the activity, Farmyard Nursey, Milking Barn, and they can learn and experience a lot about animals.
They can watch alpaca, cow, goat, pig, horse and besides they can experience the activity like sheepshearing.
People also can enjoy the night performance, fireworks, cut-log, and free variety of shows.
They can shop in R.M.Williams Australia’s outback outfitter, world bazzar, and Fashion & style that are organized with chocolate, magazine, toys, and etc.
And in Woolworths Fresh Food Dome which rewarded of excellence in a collection of wine, and the quality of seafood you can not only try out the Dagwood hotdogs, cheese sticks, honey, nuts but have the Australian most popular foods at many dining outlets in the festival. [11]
Now, Are you interested these festival?
We want to go these festival before we die.
We feel ‘the world is wide, and has many marvelous things in it’ on this project.
That is the end of our presentation.



Discussion Questions

1. What festival do you want to go to ? Why ?
2. Do you know any festivals ? Can you describe it ?
3. Do you like festivals ? Why or why not ?


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