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May 12, 2014

Good Places

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1. class 057 group 7 group members: 김지헌 정경태 이가령 양신희

2. Glossary
(1) atmosphere : the feeling that exists in a place or situation
(2) basement : a room or set of rooms that is below ground level in a building
(3) separate : existing or happening independently or in a different physical space
(4) traditional : following or belonging to the customs or ways of behaving that have continued in a group of people or society for a long time without changing
(5) scent : a pleasant natural smell

3. Text
Hello everyone. We are group 7, and our presentation is about Good Places near Inha Univ. there are many good places near Inha Univ. so we categorized them according to their purpose.
The first is Good Places for eating. “Chui-En” is a chinese restaurant. Popular menus are Jajangmyeon, and Deep-fried chicken in hot pepper sauce. They are unusual tastes. That’s why people love “Chui-En”. On the other hand, “Kamome” is hidden place. People usually consider cafe which sells fruits juice. But this restaurant also sells special food. Especially, Stir-fried Udon is very delicious. There are many kinds of seafood. And the taste is spicy.
The second is Good Places for drinking. A popular place for drinking is “Gigas”.
That place is so dark and plays club music very loudly. So you can feel a good atmosphere. “친한 친구” is a hidden place for drinking. There are many delicious foods, but they are pretty expensive.
There are many places for relaxing. First, “Sun-rise Hill” is located between “서호관“ and “나빌레관”. “Sun-rise Hill” has very beautiful cherry blossoms. There is pink color street because cherry blossoms fall down in spring. But there are so many couples. And hidden place for relaxing is grass in front of “정석 학술 정보관“. There are few people and have nice sunlight. When I lie on grass with sunlight, I am very happy.
A popular place for studying is “정석 학술 정보관“ which has a basement, floor, and study rooms. You must make a reservation to study in the basement or study room, but studying in floor doesn’t need a reservation. You ard able to reserve in “정석 학술 정보관”’s homepage. Hidden place for studying is “Memory”.
It is located near “Mr. pizza”. You can separate yourself from others with a curtain and you can drink tea which is boiled in the traditional way. So you can study whith comfortable mood and scent of tea. We think there are many other good places in Inha Univ. So let’s start look around!

There are no references
5.Discussion Questions

(1) Where is the best restaurant you think?
(2) Where do you study usually?
(3) Do you have good places for relaxing or drinking?


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