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May 12, 2014

Heroes of the Avengers

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1. Class # 87, Group 2, 오승택, 추연수, 원치문

1. cutting-edge : The most recent stage in the development of something.
2. flirtatious : behaving as if you are interested in someone, in a not serious way
3. arbitrary : based on a desire or idea or chance rather than reason
4. from head to foot : (of the clothes a person is wearing, etc.) all in the same style, colour, etc.
5. stepbrother : not your parents’ son, but the son of a person that one of your parents has married

Hello everyone. We are group2, and our presentation is about the heroes of “The Avengers”. “The Avengers” is a movie about heroes who protect the world from Badguys. Unlike other movies “The avengers” has many heroes. So We’ll introduce each hero.
대영과제_사진_어벤져스 포스터
First, Captain America is a leader of Avengers who the first American Super Hero. He was a weak human. But he wants to be a soldier, so he volunteered for “Super soldier Project”. And he was reborn as a super hero. He uses a shield the is made of ‘Vibranium’ and ‘adamantium’. He has a very strong moral fiber and so he can’t stay quiet when he sees anything unjust. (1)(2)
Second, Tony stark is CEO of stark industry. He produces a Iron-Suit and completes the hightech suit with cutting-edge science technology integrated into it. Thus be reborn in Ironman. Iron man is selfish and flirtatious, for this reason team play is bad, but strategy execution capability is excellent.
Third, Thor who is God of thunder has proud of the best fighting power and uses a weapon called mjolnir(묠니르). When he cause a war between the Gods, so he was banished to Earth. It becomes an alliance in response to the offer of Nick Fury. He is arbitrary but very handsome in movie(3)
Fourth, Bruce Banner is the Hulk’s real name when he becomes human. He was exposured to gamma radiation during the experiment. After that Accident, if somebody makes him angry, he will be transformed into a hulk that is a green monster. Bruce Banner is most powerful character in Avengers when he transfom into the hulk. But hulk destroy everything that is visible.(5)
Next Hero is Woman who called Blackwidow. She is the agent of “S.H.I.E.L.D”. Blackwidow that means poison black spider boast a perfect look form head to foot. She is a spy of the best and won fame as a professional assassin.
Final character is Nick Fury. He is a One-eyed man who is the legendary chief officer of “S.H.I.E.L.D”. he teamed the most powerful people on earth who called super heroes and created “The Avengers”.
Furthermore, this movie has a interesting enemy who called “Loki”. He is Thor’s stepbrother. He envy Thor’s throne and does bad things to take it. Loki has staff called “Rebiathan” but he prefer strategy and bluff rather than close combat. He always think negatively himself and scorn the other things.(6)
“The Avengers” released in 2012 was the 3rd-highest grossing films followed by “Avatar” and “Titanic”. This movie gathered $ 600 million in North America and, in the world except North America, earned $ 900 million, earned a total of $ 1.5 billion.(7)
대영과제_사진_ 어벤져스 흥행
Most people like BlockBusters and when hero defeats bad guys. That is the reason why “The Avengers” got the great Box office score. Moreover, Avengers appeal not super hero but super heroes, had no choice but to so cannot help the box office.
So, We think you must see “The Avengers 2”!
Thanks for listening our presentation and have a good day. Thank you.


5. Discussion Question
– Who is your favorite hero in “The Avengers”? why?
– Do you think who is the best boyfriend of blackwidow?
– Do you think “The Avengers2” will do better at the box office than “The Avengers1”? why?


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