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May 12, 2014

Men’s Behavior to Impress Women

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class 87
group 6
group members : 이민영, 신주원, 곽성현, 송기원

2. Glossary

– behavior : the way that you behave

– attraction : the feeling of liking someone, especially sexually, because of the way they look or behave

– representative : someone who speaks or does something officially for another person

– embrace : If you embrace someone, you put your arms around them, and if two people embrace, they put their arms around each other

– cheek : the soft part of your face below your eye

3. Text

Hello, everyone we are Group 6, and our presentation is about women’s mind.

Many men want to show their attraction to women.
We searched for the behavior that most women find attractive.
Among many behaviors, we need to talk about six representative ones.

The first is unexpected skinship that happens during games or playing.
Because it is an unexpected act and joke, you can easily get closer to women.
It is said that because the women didn’t know the incidents before them, we could have a chance.

The second is back-hugging.

When we hug her in the back, they feel our love for them indirectly and they also feel the protection from us.
It’s same feeling as when they were embraced by their mom.

The next is kissing on her cheek or forehead.
They said they can feel men’s love directly from this behavior.[1]

We can find the forth in the fashion.
Most women like neat clothes looking gentle rather than flashy, eye-appealing.[2]

The last is listening to her while contacting your eyes with her.
It’s not easy to do, but talking with her as you maintain eye-contact gives her the impression that you are caring her and listening her.
Besides, we know that contacting eyes makes favorable feeling quickly.
Although some may dislike this, these five behaviors are the most preferred by women.[3]

Though, what women like most is sincere and loving mind for them rather than the behaviors described above.

4. References


5. Discussion Question

– What behavior impresses you a lot?

– How do you try to impress the opposite sex?

– Have you ever impressed a woman a lot?


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