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May 12, 2014

Rock Festivals

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Class : 57
Group : 2
Group members : 고화랑, 김명수, 김상현, 성호진

Festival : (Noun) A large-scale celebration of event
heavy rain : (Noun) constantly pour down lots of rain
unavoidably : (Adv) Don’t accept, without any decision
exemplify : (Verb) For any cases that describe instance the behavior
singalong : (Noun) People sing a music with singer in concert

Hello everyone, We are group 2.
Do you know Rock Festival? The Topic that we will present is Rock Festival. We present about Rock before we present about Rock Festival.

(1) Rock Festival’s history

Rock Festival is large scale musical performance that many rock musicians sing their music in front of audiences.
Wide musical performances of various genre like Rock are also at rock festivals.
Rock Festival is started from the late 1960s, but Korea’s Rock Festivals started from 1999 ‘s ‘ Tri-port Rock Festival (Tri-port Rock Festival).
Unfortunately, this show failed because of heavy rain but in the country this is a start to be held at the Rock Festival.
Sort of Rock Festival held in Korea is ‘Busan International Rock Festival‘, ’ETPFEST’, ‘Yes! Rock Festival’, ‘Grand Mint Festival’, ‘Dongducheon Rock Festival’, ‘Rainbow Music Camping Festival’, ‘Penta-port Rock Festival’ etc.. [1]

(2) Rock Festival’s culture
스크린샷 2014-05-11 오후 11.53.59
스크린샷 2014-05-11 오후 11.54.19
As you know, There are lots of kind of Rock Festival. Unavoidably lots of Rock Festival’s culture also exist.
Although lots of Rock Festival’s culture exist, especially Penta-port Rock Festival’s cultures are unusual, we exemplify Penta-port Rock Festival to explain Rock Festival.

First, Korea’s rock festivals have a fantastic singalong culture. Because Korean know how to enjoy performances, they often sing with singer in a concert. Therefore, famous rock artists usually say that the concerts in Korea was the best among other concerts they had ever done.[2]
Let’s watch this video below.
You can see how Koreans communicate with singer.

Second, See this picture. People put up tent in concert.[3]
Incheon Penta-port Rock Festival be held for three days.
So people put up tent, stay in concert stage until concert end.
People don`t even wash during the festival. Because people just sleep, drink, take a sunbath and see the concert.
When you go to Penta-port, You must take Spare clothes.
If you don’t, On the last day of festival, you whole body will smell the sweat. 🙂

Third, Penta-port Rock Festival has large places to perform.
So audience can choose and see what they want to see.[4]
When the concert that band who audience like play are played, audience can go to the front freely.
And When it isn’t, they can go back and enjoy a campfire with other people.
In other words, We think that keyword of Penta-port culture is free.
If you want to go crazy for 3days, I recommend Penta-port rock festival.

[1] :
[2] :
[3] :
[4] :

5.Discussion Question
-Do you like Rock Festival? Why or why not?
-Who is your favorite Rock artist? Why?
-Are there any Rock Festival culture what you like ? And why?


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