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May 12, 2014

Seoul Subway Map

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1. class #87, group #1, 최별님, 김미래, 엄선영, 박소영

2. Glossary
1. station : a building where trains stop so that you can get on or off them
2. attraction : something that makes people come to a place or want to do a particular thing
3. dynasty : a series of rulers or leaders who are all from the same family, or a period when a country is ruled by them
4. exoticism : unusual and often exciting because of coming (or seeming to come) from far away, especially a tropical country
5. go out : to leave a place in order to go somewhere else

3. Text
Hello, everyone. we are group 1, and our presentation is about Seoul subway station. Subway station is way of commute or means of transportation, but it can be way of travel. So now, we are gonna travel attractions through Seoul subway station. [1]
The first line of famous stations are 노량진 and 종각. 노량진 has the big fish market. Also there are many students because there are so many famous academies. So the food price is very cheap for students. 종각 has big bell. Thousands of people get together on New year’s Eve at the clock square in 종각 to ring the bell. The moment that the bell rings, new year is started.
The famous stations of the second line are 잠실, 홍대 and 강남stations. First at 잠실 station, there is the most famous amusement park, Lotte world. The various rides in this place are exciting and interesting. so a large number of people visit. On top of this 홍대 station is hot place. Here diversity is replaced. Therefore, diverse cultures are formed. For example the young, who pursue unique fashion, indie musicians who pursuit their own music are developed .Lastly 강남 station is mecca of people, Because head offices of many companies exist. Accordingly 강남station have many floating population.
The famous stations of the third line are 경복궁 and 안국 stations. 경복궁 station and 안국 station are traditional. so 경복궁 and 인사동 are placed near 경복궁 and 안국 stations. 조선kings lived in 경복궁 at Joseon Dynasty period. If you go there, yiu can know about the Joseon Dynasty period history. 인사동 is about all things Korean[2]
The famous stations of line number four are 명동 and 혜화. 명동 is a famous tourist attraction. Many foreigners visit 명동, when they travel in korea. 명동 has many cosmetic road shop and delicious food restaurant. So, many foreigners visit 명동 for shopping and to get presents. 혜화 is also called Daehaklo. 혜화 has so many theaters. and 혜화 has ihwa mural village. Many couples visit ihwa mural village and take a photo.
Subway line No 5’s famous stations are 광화문 and 여의도. 광화문 square has king sejong prize. Gwanghwamun has big and clean bookstore. The book store’s name is kyobo book centre. kyobo book centre is connected with subway.
So, it’s very convenient. 여의도 has MBC company. MBC is famous broadcaster in korea. yeouido has cherry blossom walkway. So, many people visit yeouido cherry blossom walkway.

We can go to many places through 6th line subway station. World cup Stadium Station-it has not only Stadium, but also camping ground and enormous outdoor theater. Also, around the station, there is a pard named sky park. Because of various facilities, many people go there for going out on weekends. Next, maybe you’ve heard a lot about 이태원. Many foreigners go shopping. And 이태원 has many delicious restaurant, and various countries’ food restaurants are there. In 공덕 station, Pigs’ feet is famous. Even there is Pigs’ Feet Alley. I feel this place’s pigs’ feet is chewier than other places.
7th line station ahs good places to go with family. In 고속 터미널 station, you can go to Surae Village. It is a small France in Seoul. Many french people live here and many French restaurants are there. This place exudes an atmosphere of exoticism. 어린이대공원 station is a theme park. It has various cultural facilities and experiencing space like zoo, an amusement park, botanical garden. You may think this place is for children, but in case of adults, they can feel that they return to the innocence of childhood. Finally, 뚝섬유원지(Ttukseom Recreation Area), the ecological park in Ttukseom has a plenty of trees and wildlife, and provides changes for citizens to escape from the busy life of the city. You can take water taxi here. It’s great place for an outing.[4]

The 8 line of famous station is 남한산성(Namhansanseong).
I introduce 남한산성‘s function simply. 남한산성 functioned as the main fort in guarding the kingdom from enemies. 남한산성 has many temples and beautiful view. So, If you have a plan to go to the 남한산성, I recommend Dulle-gil.
The 9 line of famous stations are 국회의사당 and 김포공항.
국회의사당 is the place that members of the National Assembly discuss national affairs. Yunjung-no, a stretch of road near the National Assembly in Yeouido, is particularly famous for cherry trees. and 국회의사당 has many thing to see in the building. 김포공항 is one of the famous international airport in Korea. In the past, 김포airport was the top airport. But now 인천airport is the best airport in Korea.[5]

4. Reference

5. Questions
1. Is this presentation based on your experiences? Is the places that you have gone directly?
2. What subway station line that you use most frequently is?
3. What is your favorite place in your presentation?


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