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May 13, 2014

About Coffee

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• Class : 147
Group : 2
Group members : 임문수, 남영민, 조예인, 왕여
• Glossary
• Roast : to cook meat or other food by dry heat in an oven or over a fire
• Antioxidant : a chemical substance that prevents or slows down the damage that oxygen does to organisms or to food
• Depression : a feeling of sadness, or medical a type of mental illness that causes long periods of unhappiness
• Acidity : the amount of acid that is in a substance
• Anti-aging : describes substances that are intended to prevent or limit the process of becoming old
• Text
Coffee roasting
picture 1
Coffee roasting is a process that extracts several things of green bean like caffeine. Green bean is a solid seed with any flavor. To make edible coffee, the roasting step is needed. For best flavor and taste, the roaster’s effort is needed.
-Roasting step and change of green bean-
Green bean normally changes coffee bean through roasting in high temperature. There are numerous roasting methods. Pan roasting is a traditional home-style method. Hot air roasting is used to make instant coffee. And the most commercial method is drum roasting. Let’s see the drum roasting step.
First step – put the green beans
This step is a process that put selected green bean in boiled drum. During this process, beans’ color turn green to yellowish green.
Second step – Drying phase
In this step, beans lose most of their moisture, which the color changes to yellow.
Third step – 1st crack
Heated beans’ surface is expended and these color changes to brown. This step is called cinnamon roasting.
Forth step – 2nd crack
Because this step decides the beans’ flavor, it is the most important process. Beans’ color changes to dark brown. This step is called full city roasting. Coffee’s flavor of this step is sweet rather than sour.
After the 2nd crack, the coffee’s flavor changes bitter. This step is called French roasting or Italian roasting.[1]

Kinds of coffee bean
picture 2
The largest cultivation of coffee bean in the world is Brazil. Among them, the bean that is most representative in Brazil, is the Brazil Santos coffee bean. This balanced bean has flavors of mildness, sourness and bitterness because this bean is roasted uniformly. Colombia, the second largest coffee production in the world, has Colombia Supremo coffee bean. It has a heavy taste, deep aroma and a balanced acidity. Also it is a high quality coffee bean that can make good taste in any roasting. And last, there is a coffee bean with excellent aroma of fruits and flowers. It is Ethiopia Yirgacheffee coffee bean that has heavy flavor and soft sourness.[2]

Types of coffee
picture 3
Coffee is made from various types depending on what is added. First, the basic coffee is espresso which is very dark. It is extracted rapidly in high pressure. If you add ice cream in an espresso, it becomes Affogato (Italian, “drowned”) which harmonizes with sweetness and bitterness. And espresso con panna is made of espresso and whipping cream. Its name is Italian for ”espresso with cream”. It is softer than a basic espresso. You can make café latte by adding milk, not cream. Adding caramel syrup to that makes caramel macchiato. That is very popular because it is so sweet. These are coffee that you can make in your house. No need for a special machine, just coffee powder and filter are needed. If you pour water on grinded coffee bean, it becomes the coffee using the force of gravity. At this time, using water in high temperature makes drip coffee, and when using room temperature makes cold brew coffee.[3]

Coffee’s effects
Coffee can have several effects in our bodies. First, Coffee has antioxidant that prevent our bodies to be old. So drinking coffee can help us anti-aging. Second, if you feel run down after exercising, it can help your body recover. Third, a habit of drinking cups of coffee can prevent depression. Lastly, when caffeine, which is a material in coffee, absorb in the body, it consumes energy and resolves fat. But drinking too much coffee can make your health bad.[4]

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• Discussion Questions
• What kind of coffee do you like?
• Have you ever made coffee by yourself? If so, how do you do it?
• Do you know a good place to drink coffee?


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