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May 13, 2014

Delicious Food of Inha

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1. class 27, Group 7, 조경현 손정원 유대현

2. Glossary
beef ; the flesh of cattle (= cows), eaten as food

intestines ; (either of the two parts of) a long tube through which food travels from the stomach and out of the body while it is being digested

flake ; a small, thin piece of something, especially if it has come from a surface covered with a layer of something:

3. Text
Hello every one. We are group 7, and our presentation is about Delicious Food of Inha.
Inha’s back streets are famous for delicious food. There are many kinds of delicious food in Inha’s back streets. For example, food for alcohol, meal and desert are famous.
Food of alcohol include beef intestines (= “Gopchang”) and korean Pizza. Famous restaurants for beef intestines (= “Gopchang”) are “Yeontan Gopchang” and “Namdo ppogeulyi”. A famous restaurant for Korean pizza is “Heungbujun Nolbujun”.

Meal include fried chicken, steamed chicken and pork. A famous restaurant for fried chicken is “Wayside”, and a famous restaurant for steamed chicken is “Gosujjimdak”. Also, famous restaurants for pork are “Shinga”, “Samsso”, “Jukyungyadon”.

Desert include waffles, churros, ice flakes with syrup and fruit juice. “Found” is a famous shop for waffles. A famous shop for churros is “Wannachu” and a famous cafe for ice flakes with syrup is “Caffebene”. “Abbey road” is ,personally, the most delicious shop for fruit juice.

4. Reference

5. Discussion Questions

Q) If you were hungry, what would you want to eat in Inha’s back streets?

Q) What’s your favorite restaurant in Inha’s back streets?

Q) How do you think of Inha’s back streets a food?


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