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May 13, 2014

English Premier League

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1.class 27, group 4, member’s name:지은호,김현수,남지우,임형재


1) league:(noun) a group of sports teams or players who play games each other to see who is best
2) compose:(verb) be composed of something to be formed from a number of substances, parts or people
3) armament: the weapons and military equipment used by an army
4) accomplish:(verb) to succeed in doing something, especially after trying ver hard
5) gossip:(noun) information that is passed from one person to another about other people’s behaviour and private lives, often including unkind or untrue remarks.

Hi everyone. We are group 4, and our presentation is about English premier league(EPL)
EPL is the most famous football league in the world.
There are composed of 20 teams in the EPL.
EPL was started in 1992 by David Dein. David Dein was one of the major architects of the formation of the Premier League in 1992,
which would re-shape the structure and finances of English football.
EPL has made many starplayers, for instance, David Beckham,Christano Ronaldo,Wayne Rooney and Jisung Park
who They were all manchester united players.
These days, Chealsea’s coach Mourinho is leading the strongest team we think. But this season’s winner is manchester city.
Our most loved team is Arsenal, in north-london. because Arsenal always play excting match and the team has wonderful team-work,
so we cannot help liking arsenal FC.
Let me introduce our favorite team Arsenal.
In late 1886, Workesrs of armament factory decided to form a football team.
homeground’s name is Emirates Stadium and 60355 people can enter and watch the matchs.
Arsenal’s emblem shape is overall shield form and has cannon mark in the center.
There are some kinds of unbelievable events in EPL. And we introduce some events.
First, Manchester united accomplished travel (Manchester United won EPL, English FA CUP, and Champion’s league) two times.
Senond, Manchester United’s coach,Ferguson threw a shoe at David Beckham so David Beckham eventually left Manchester United.
Lastly, Arsenal had a title of the EPL by no losing for 38 rounds in 2004. The record is only one on the EPL history.




5.Discussion Questions

1.What is your favorite team?

2.What team will be a champion next season in EPL?

3.What do you think are some of the good things about watching soccer?


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