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May 13, 2014

Famous Food Franchises

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1. Class#27 / Group#5 / Jeong min young, Choi woo joo, Lim na hyun, Lee soo jin

2. Glossary

➀ pharmacist : (noun) someone who is trained to prepare or sell medicines
➁ nutritious : (adjective) is full of the natural substances that your body needs to stay healthy or to grow properly
➂ perceive : (verb) to think of something or someone in a particular way
➃ signature : (noun) your name written by yourself, always in the same way, usually to show that something has been written or agreed by you
➄ hypoglycemia : (noun) a medical condition resulting from dangerously low levels of sugar in the blood

3. Text

Hello, everyone! We are groups Let us introduce ourselves. Jeong min young, Choi woo joo, Lim na hyun, Lee soo jin. Our topic is famous food franchises. The reason why we selected this topic is that it is familiar to many people. The earth has many countries and countries have many stores. Among the stores, some have their franchises. And we will talk about 4 famous global franchises. For example, McDonald’s, Baskin Robbins, Coca-Cola, Smoothie King.
First, Let me talk about McDonald’s. It originated from a small restaurant by Mcdonald brother and developed to speedy-system with Ray Kroc, Oak Park, Illinois.[1] They made their logo “M” in 1962. The logo was made by accident. First, they connected two arches. When they see the structures, that seems to be the letter “M”. So they made that “M” logo.[2] Especially, they have specific menus. One of them is BigMac. It is one of the McDonald’s signature products. That was created by Jim Delligatti who is one of franchises in 1968. It has been ever loved by many people.[3]
Next, Let’s see Baskin Robbins. It was founded by brothers in law Burt Baskin and Ernie Robbins.[4] They made that ice cream for soldiers who find better tastes. And the number “31” was selected. Because they thought people should be able to taste a different flavors everyday in a month. So the perfect name is Baskin Robbins “31”. I mentioned earlier, they have many flavors as their name. So, those things are worth while to taste.[5]
Now, Let me tell you Coca-Cola. It was made for ‘Brain Tonic’ by Dr. John Pemberton who was a pharmacist in 1886.[6] But it was so delicious that he added carbonic acid.[7] They have their representative type of bottle. It’s name is contour bottle.[8] The reason why that shape was selected is perceiving. It could be distinguished by people easily even in the dark.[9] And I want to tell you interesting information. Someone may know already. By using cola, you can clean bathroom. That is to say, it can be used as cleaner.[10] But I don’t want to encourage you to use this for cleaner. Please enjoy it as a beverage.
Lastly, I will talk about SmoothieKing. It was started by Steve Kuhnau. He was a military nurse. In fact, he suffered chronic diseases such as allergy and hypoglycemia. So he researched the solution for settling chronic diseases. And finally he made specific beverage which was low-caloric and nutritious in 1973. It was called “smoothie” and has started their history until now.[11] It has a certain logo It is like that shape. The crown means that the noun of smoothie was made by them first in the world. Also, It symbolizes originality of brand. Red in the logo represent the main color of brand, fitness, liveliness.[12]

4. References


5. Discussion questions

Q1) Do you have any recipes for making smoothies? If so, how do you make them?
Q2) What is your favorite ice cream flavor of Baskin Robbins? Why?
Q3) What do you think are some needed franchises around Inha university?


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