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May 13, 2014

Korean Food

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class : 27 group : 8 group members : 조정현, 김연희, 이수용

1. eel : a long, thin, snake-like fish, some types of which are eaten
2. sea squirt : any minute primitive marine animal of the class Ascidiacea, most of which are sedentary, having a saclike body with openings through which water enters and leaves See also ascidian
3. gizzard : the thick-walled part of a bird’s stomach, in which hard food is broken up by muscular action and contact with grit and small stones
4. tripe : the covering of the inside of the stomach of an animal, such as a cow or sheep, used for food
5. leek : a long, white vegetable with green leaves on top that tastes and smells like an onion

Hello everyone. We are group 8 and our presentations is about Korea foods.
There are many kinds of food in Korea. Many of them are sea food such as broiled eels, sea squirt bibimbap and sliced raw octopus. There are also many kind of food from air borne animals, such as chicken feet, chicken gizzard, and braised chicken. There are also many kinds of food from land-borne animals, such as grilled beef tripe, sundae, and jokbal.
First, we explain about sliced raw octopus. Season of raw small octopus is from August to November. Small octopus is a mineral-rich foods among many nutrients. Jeollanam-do(전라남도), the small octopus is a famous place. Mokpo is the famous place among them.[1]
Second, we explain about Grilled Beef Tripe. The food is beef round. Mainly people eat roast or fly it. And This food is more delicious with korean leek(부추). Many people love eating this food when they drinking.[2]
Finally we explain about braised chicken. This is also called dakbokkeumtang. This food is a kind of soup. The ingredients of this are chicken, potatoes(sometimes sweet potatoes), onion, green onion, carrot, red pepper powder and so on. In the past, this was not spicy. But now because of red pepper powder, this food is spicy.[3]


Discussion Questions
1. Do you like chicken feet? Why or why not?
2. Can you everything from this list? If not, what? And why can’t you eat it?
3. What’s your favorite Korean food? Why?


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