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May 13, 2014

Love Skills

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Academic english1 – Presentation.

Professor-Richard l stansfield
Class: 147
Group 1

Members: 12102794 Deok Yong KIM
12102805 Sang Mok KIM
12142950 Geum Byeol JOE
12142952 Hyun Jun JO

Glossaries: Love – a strong positive emotion of regard and affection. (1)
Attitude – a complex mental state involving beliefs and feelings and values and dispositions to act in certain ways. (2)
Make-up – put in order or neaten. (3)
Concession – the act of conceding or yielding. (4)
Single – existing alone or consisting of one entity or part or aspect or individual. (5)

1. Make-up your self.
Now go to the front of a mirror and check your appearance. If you have messy hair, poor skin and heavy dark circles under your eyes, examine your self. Most people have good feeling about good appearance.
Also, when you change your appearance to be good, people around you will feel something special.
The way to put on make-up is simple. If old style clothes or t-shirts with extended neck are in your closet, change all of them to fashionable and stylish clothes. from internet shop, you can buy them more cheaply.
Second, use magic to change your hair. go to hair shop and say “dandy volume perm”, “two block”, “C-curl style”
Also improve make-up skill. Use magic to your appearance.


2. Change attitude.
If you are nervous and hesitate in front of a man or woman, you are a typical single person. Single persons merely contact with the opposit sex, so they hardly escape single life. Most of all, the biggest problem is that they are too passive to the partner. Watch the video.

What about the man in the video? you know he is so passive.
If you adhere to this attitude, the partner doesn`t know your thinking. To overcome passive attitude, first meet many men or women. Second, become humorous.
If you wonder the reason that you are a single, although you meet many people and you are so active to the parter, you should doubt that you are too active. If you approach excessively on girl or man, despite having no relationship of lovers, the man or woman feels uncomfortable. See the blow picture.
Just seeing the messages is annoying. If you are the person as seen in the picture, stop now!
It could be misunderstood as obsession. also, excessive skinship is too bad.
Simple touch is ok but acts like hugging and wrapping shoulder are couple skinship. If you do this kind of excessive skinship to a man or woman, they feel so bad.

3.Concession is necessary.
A term ‘concession’ has many meanings. But the most important one is consideration.
When you fight or have different opinion with your partner, just listen to and agree with his or her opinion.
If the partner dislike cigarette or playing games, stop doing that at least in front of the partner. Also, don`t avoid spending money to the partner. investment is needed for love. 5;5 or 6;4 are good way to pay and sometimes 7;3 also is ok.
Maybe your partner feels cherished.

picture2. Direct shooting
picture3. using application ‘카카오톡 조작’

Discussion question.
1. Are you single? if you are, what are the reasons?
2. Can you know your problems? what will you do?
3. Why the group1 members are single?


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