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May 13, 2014


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Group 1 (Class 27)

Group members : Kim Ho Min , Jeon Woo Jin


1. Soulfully : of or expressive of deep feeling of emotion. ex) soulful eyes.
2. Bite : to cut, wound, or tear with the teeth . ex) The lion bit his trainer.
3. Howl : to utter a loud, prolonged, mournful cry, as that of a dog or wolf.
4. Bill : horny projecting mouth of a bird
5. Injury : an accident that results in physical damage or hurt


Hello everyone, We are group 1 and our presentation is about pets. Now, we will introduce our pets.
First, I will introduce Ho Min’s pet. It’s me. My pet’s name is ‘Satur’, Because my father bought
him in saturday. It’s very simple and cause to laugh, but it’s very soulfully in my family. ‘Satur’
‘s character is usually quiet, friendly, lovely and he likes people. When I talk to “Satur, here is
the snack food!” shoutly, He follows me very fast. So cute!
But sometimes ‘Satur’ ‘s character is change like wolf. When I steal his snack foods, then he howl in a
wolf voice and bites the finger very hurt. Next, When I give snack foods to ‘Satur’, he’s character change
again friendly. To have two-kinds of character ‘Satur’. He is my best friend and he sixth member of family.
사본 -satur's picture 1
사본 -satur's picture 2
Second, I will introduce Woo Jin’s(My) pet. Above all, do you like birds? Woo Jin’s(My) pet is a parrot.
사본 -rin's picture 1
His(My) pet’s name is ‘Rin’. Because of her color. Her color is green . His(My) sister makes this name.
I think this name is childish.
Her body is very small and cute. And her character is very noisy, friendly and lively. So she makes noise
often. She bites peoples finger sometimes. Her bill is so sharp and makes injury painly. But ‘Rin’ likes her
people family. Therefore, her family is safe. And she follows her people family well. Generally, parrot is
very smart. Then ‘Rin’ is smart, too. For this reason, she always try to escapes her cage. She often makes
many troubles. However, Woo Jin’s(My) family love ‘Rin’. Finally, this presentation is over now.
Thank you.


This is house’s pets, so we are not have references.

Discussion Questions

1. What’s your favorite kind of pet? Why?
2. If you had a pet, what kind of personality would you like it to love? ( quiet or likely) , why?
3. Which do you prefer, having a pet or not having one?

Thank you


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