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May 13, 2014

“Rail-ro” Train Trips

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1. Class : 147
Group : 5
Group Members : 김다영, 김채영, 김홍재, 남수현

2. Glossary
– Celestial body : [NOUN] A nature object which is located outside of Earth’s atmosphere, such as the Moon, the Sun, an asteroid, planet, or star.
– Buckwheat : [NOUN] An Asian plant, of the species Fagopyrum esculentum, and the fruit of this plant used a cereal.
– Attraction : [NOUN] The tendency to attract
– Observation : [NOUN] The act of observing, and the fact of being observed.
– Application : [NOUN] A computer program or the set of software that the end user perceives as a single entity as a tool for a well-defined purpose.

3. Text
Hello everyone, we are group 5, and we prepare for presentation about ‘Railro’ train trip. Have you ever heard about ‘Railro’ train trip? ‘Railro’ is the package train trip for people from the age of 20 to 25. We can go anywhere in Korea for much cheaper than the normal train ticket by using ‘Railro’. We also can get some benefits like discount for accommodation, restaurants, entrance fee in each station. (1) There are many spots to travel in Korea. We will recommend some spots of them.
First, the capital of Korea, Seoul, is the most famous city in ‘Railro’ course. It is “N Seoul Tower” that we recommend especially. “N Seoul Tower” is a symbol of Korea as a tower which is placed at the highest part of Seoul. And we can get there by a cable car. The night scene that we can see at “N Seoul Tower” is one of the most beautiful scenes in Korea. And we also recommend ‘Myeong-Dong’ that is a very huge shopping center. There are many famous restaurants in Myeong-Dong and we will recommend ‘Pataly’ Tibet food restaurant that is unique in Korea.
Secondly, the first trading port city, “Busan”, is also one of the most beatiful cities. Busan has some beautiful beaches, so with the application of ‘smart phone’ you can enjoy the leisure activities on the beach more comfortably. Also the customers of ‘Railro’ can visit the aquarium with a discounted price. And “Jagalchi Market” has the original feeling of Busan which can be offered anywhere else.(2) We recommend you eat ‘seed Hotteok’ and ‘buckwheat noodles’ in this place. And In the tower of “Yongdoo Mt. Park”, you can see the beautiful night view of Busan.
Third, “Suncheon” is the most famous ecological polis in Korea. Especially we will recommend the “Naksan castle”. “Naksan castle” is a historic village, so you can feel the charm and have a lot of experiences.(3) In the “Naksan castle”, you can see the great ‘gayaguem’ performance and parade. Filming site of Suncheon shows scenery in 1960~80s. So many dramas shoot a movie there. Also Suncheon bay Eco park is famous for field of reeds and sunset. Suncheon bay has observatory, so you can see the celestial bodies.
There are many kinds of accommodations in trip, and we will recommend ‘Guest house’ especially. ‘Guest house’ is one of the ways you can leave behind memory. You can make friends with strangers and have a party with them, so it will be a good experience.
Finally you must make a plan for course, cost, and period. ‘Railro’ train trip is available for 7days or 9 days. It varies with the purchased ticket. So we hope you make a nice plan of ‘Railro’ train trip and build up good memories for trip.

4. References

5. Discussion Questions
Q1. What cities would you choose for your ‘Railro’ course (after seeing the presentation)?
Q2. What cities would you like to recommend (except for those in the presentation)?
Q3. Have you heard about travel packages like ‘Railro’ in other countries?


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