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May 13, 2014

The World Cup

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Class : 147
Group : 4
Group Members : 윤혜림, 송정우, 조하은

2. Glossary

host contry: [NOUN] The host at a party is the person who has invited the guests and provides the food, drink, or entertainment.

soccer: [NOUN] Soccer is a game played by two teams of eleven players using a round ball. Players kick the ball to each other and try to score goals by kicking the ball into a large net. Outside the USA, this game is also referred to as football.

mascot: [NOUN] A mascot is an animal, toy, or symbol which is associated with a particular organization or event, and which is thought to bring good luck.

ignominious: If you describe an experience or action as ignominious, you mean it is embarrassing because it shows a great lack of success.

cheer: [VERB] When people cheer, they shout loudly to show their approval or to encourage someone who is doing something such as taking part in a game.

3. Text
Hello everyone. we are group 4. Our presentation is about the World Cup.

World Cup rules
The Word Cup is held every four years. The world cup is a soccer tournament. The football team is composed of 11 people. Goalkeeper wear the uniform that distinguished from the other player. Soccer game time is 90 minutes and break time 15 minutes. First half is 45 minutes, and second half is 45 minutes. The both teams changes a seat on the second half of the game.

World Cup history
The first World Cup was held in Uruguay in 1930. The host countries of the World Cup are Uruguay, France, U.S.A. Korea-Japan and Brazil etc. The first offical ball is ‘telstar’ used in the mexico world cup in 1970. [1]

World Cup’s economic effect
But World Cup is not a simple soccer game. Host country of the World Cup, participating countries, global company enjoy a huge economic effect. One month, the World Cup to attract viewer of several tens of billions people around the world is a good advertising market for the

The history of World Cup
South korea has now made seven consecutive World Cup appearances dating back to the 1986 World Cup in Mexico and including its first World Cup appearance in Switzerland in 1954. Korea took a troop transport plane to participate in the World Cup and went to Switzerland. Korea arrived at Switzerland 10 hours ago to start a soccer game with Hungary. The game ended in an ignominious 0:9 defeat. Korea national soccer team feels so much frustrated.
Korea first appeared in the world cup in Switzerland in 1954, but then failed to qualify for the World Cup before advancing in the 1986 competition in Mexico. Korea had never won by the other country in the World Cup until 1998. But the Korean soccer team fulfilled the fantasy of reaching the semi-finals in the 2002 World Cup, which South Korea co-hosted with Japan. South Korea become the first Asian country to reach the semi-final of the World Cup. [3]
Hiddink coached the national team to the semifinals at the 2002 Korea-Japan World Cup. Hiddink become a sports hero in Korea. Guus Hiddink left Korea five years ago, but the former coach of the national soccer team is still loved by South Koreans.
guus hiddink
Soccer cheering culture
Each countries soccer fans draw painting on their face and body with national flag colors. Korea cheers in square. It is called street cheering. It started from 2002. Korea’s soccer fans wear red uniforms and sing to cheer their team, so they are called ‘Red Devils’ They beat a drum and kkwaenggwari(꽹과리) to cheer. Red Devils’s 2014 official song is ‘We are the Reds’, ‘I Love Korea’ and ‘Go Reds go’.
red devils
2014 Brazil World Cup
brazil world cup
The name of the 2014 World Cup official ball is ‘Brazuca’. Brazuca was decided by soccer fans Internet voting. Brazuca was made by Adidas. Brazuca means Brazilians. Brazuca color is red, green and blue. The name of 2014 World Cup offical Mascot is Fuleco. Fuleco is a combination of ‘Futebol’, the Portugal word meaning soccer, and ‘Ecologia’. Fuleco embodies an armadillo.[4]
The 2014 World Cup starts Friday June 13 and ends Monday July 14. South Korea is in H group. H group are Belgium, Russia, Algeria.
South Korea plays a match against Russia on June 18 am7.
Korea plays a match against algeria on June 23 am 4.
Korea plays a match against belgium on June 27 am 5.
Russia soccer match play in Arena Pantanal Stadium, Cuiaba. Arena Pantanal Stadium has a Capacity of 42,968.
Algeria soccer match play in Estadio Beira-Rio stadium, Porto Alegre. Estadio Beira-Rio stadium has a Capacity of 51,300.
Belgium soccer match play in Arena Corithians, Sao Paulo. Arena Corithians stadium has a Capacity of 68,000.[5]

4. Reference

5. Discussion Questions
1)Do you like soccer? why or why not?
2)Who’s your favorite soccer player? why?
3)What do you think are some of the problems with Korea’s soccer team?


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