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May 13, 2014

Water Parks

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1. Introduce
Class #27
Group #2
Group’s members 이경희, 김지혜, 이유미, 박준영

2. Glossary
-amenity: [noun] something intended to make life more pleasant or comfortable for people
-metropolitan: [adjective] of or in a large city
-admission: [noun] the price paid to enter a place
-enormous: [adjective] extremely large or great
-infant: [noun] a baby

3. Text
Hello, everyone. We’re group2. We will present the theme of the water park.
Caribbean Bay was the first water park in Korea, and is becoming more and more diverse, and more secure play area facilities and amenities. It made available to as many people as more and more variety of water parks are springing up. Already, there are more than 20 water parks in Korea!
Now, let we introduce the top three of the nation’s largest water parks: Caribbean Bay, Ocean World, Blue one.
First, where are these water parks located?
Caribbean Bay is located in Yongin Everland amusement park. Connected to the metropolitan subway station, and the shuttle bus is also provides easy access to the number of people who want to come.[1]
Ocean World is located in Gangwon Vivaldi-park. Although the place is a little far from metropolitan area, the shuttle bus is convenient by booking. It made you easily come to here.[2]
Blue one is located in Gyeongju. This place is just like before the two water parks operated by the shuttle bus schedule to go there easily.[3]
These areas are different, but all three water parks operated reservation system by shuttle bus to make us visit them easily.
Next, let’s we will introduce use the time.
The water park is divided into indoor and outdoor zones.
There is a little different using each time.
Caribbean Bay: 10:00 to 17:00 Indoor zone, 11:00 to 16:00 Outdoor zone.[1]
Ocean World: 9:00 to 19:00 Indoor zone, 10:00 to 16:00 Outdoor zone.[2]
Blue one: 10:00 to 18:00 Indoor zone, 11:00 to 18:00 Outdoor zone.[3]
So, Ocean World indoor zone is a total of 10hours are the longest time, Caribbean Bay is open to a total of 7 hours are the shortest time.
And, Blue one outdoor zone 7 hours the longest time, Caribbean Bay is also the shortest total of time to open. Both indoor zone and outdoor zone at Caribbean Bay are the shortest open time.
Third, how much is the admission fee?
We’re all adults. Therefore, let we present only adult admission fee.
Caribbean Bay is 35,000won.[1]
Ocean World is 50,000won.[2]
Blue one is 42,000won.[3]
Note that at Ocean world a sauna is basically included in the admission fee, so a little more than other expensive water park admission fee.
In addition, if you borrow life vest, lockers and other facilities, then probably the price will be enormous.

Finally, we take a look at play facilities.
Activities of the water park divided into pools, slides, relaxing three major types.
-Pools : You can surf in wave pools, get doused with water in adventure pool, play with baby in infant pool, remind of beach in sandy pool, enjoy diving in diving pool
-Slides : There are spaces for people to like extreme rides. For example, you can take a tube down at tube ride, pass a ride stream at surfing ride and water bobsleigh.
-Relaxing rooms: there is resting place for those who are tired. Sauna and spa can be used to heal their tired body. [1],[2],[3]

4. References
[1] is about Caribbean Bay :
[2] is about Ocean World :
[3] is about Blue one :

5. Discussion Question
– What do you think is the most interesting water park among these water parks? Why?
– Which facility is the most fun? Or what facilities do you want to use?
– What do you think about their admission fees and other fees? (e.g, renting a locker)


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