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May 14, 2014

Global Date Places

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Class #117
Group #7
Group members : 유지혜. 조주원. 리효가. 리사우
Glossary :
1.Rape (is a plant with yellow flowers which is grown as a crop.)
2.Aurora (an atmospheric phenomenon consisting of bands,curtains,or streamers of light,usually green,red,or yellow,that move across the sky in polar regions.)
3.Wheat (is a cereal crop grown for food.)
4.Boulevard (is a wide street in a city,usually with trees along each side.)
5.Cape (is a large piece of land that sticks out into the sea from the coast.)
Test [Global Date Places]
Hello, everyone. We are group 7, and our presentation is about Global Date Places.
We`ll talk about some famous date places of Korea, China, Canada and France. Many couples like to travel when they fall in love or get married. So today we`ll introduce some beautiful places for everyone.
First, we`ll talk about Korean famous places. In Korea, many couples always go to Cheonggyecheon(청계청), walking along the clean brook,fresh air and so on. It`s really a relaxing place. And then, the next is Cherry Blossom Festival in Chinhae(진해). It`s a beautiful time and place to date. And next is Jeju(제주도) when the rape flower is in full bloom. As everyone knows that there are many great places in Korea like Namsan(남산) Tower and so on.
Second, we`ll talk about some famous date places in China. In China, couples like going to some places with sunshine and warm weather, so there are many famous places in the south of China. Like some island, HaiNan Island, GuLangyu Island, and so on. It`s worth mentioning that there is the most famous tourist attractions in HaiNan Island named “The end of area”. Elders said that the lovers who have been to there can be together forever. But the most important thing is “The end of area” is two places named “skyline” and “cape”, and you only can go to one place the predict will be come true. It`s very interesting.
The third country is Canada. We haven`t been to Canada, but we have heard of Yellow White Aurora in Yellow Knife many times. People say “ Watching the aurora like watching god`s eyes”.[1] So if you go there with your lover maybe it will be very romantic. And the other place is Petit-Champlain in Quebec. This is a street with a long history and sweet romantic culture. So all of the couples who have been to Canada would go to Petit-Champlain to experience that.
And the last country is the most famous country of romantic in the world. As everyone knows, it`s France. In France, there is a best date place to visit, it`s Provence. When you in Provence you will be surrounded by fields, rape or wheat or wines, and the most lavender. And Avenue des Champs-Elysees is also very famous. It`s the most beautiful street in Paris. It`s also a famous boulevard with many coffee shops, great restaurant and stores. So we think it`s a good choose to visit Avenue des Champs-Elysees with your lovers.
The above are our presentation about Global Date Places. Thank you for listening. We hope that we can help everyone to choose your date places and have a good date time with your girlfriend or boyfriend. That`s all. Thank you !
Discussion questions:
1.Which places from our presentation do you like? Why?
2.If you had a lover where would you want to go? Why?
3.Which place do you want to recommend to us that you have been with your lover? Why?


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