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May 14, 2014

Seoul Tourist Spots

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1. Class #: 147, Group #: 3, Group members: 김지윤, 김준환, 성예준, 우지윤

2. Glossary(Reference:

Surroundings: The objects, buildings, natural things etc that are around a person or thing at a particular time

Perambulation: A walk around a place, especially a slow walk for pleasure

Enshrine: If something such as a tradition or right is enshrined in something, it is preserved and protected so that people will remember and respect it

Pavilion: A very large building with big open areas used for sports and other public events

Heritage: The traditional beliefs, values, customs etc of a family, country, or society

3. Text

Seoul Tourist Spots

Hello everyone. We are group 3, and our presentation is about Seoul tourist spots.

There are many interesting places to visit in Seoul. In Seoul, there are many historical sites with cultural treasures such as the Four Big Gates of Seoul, Changdeokgung palace, and Jongmyo(royal ancestral shrine).

First of all, the Four Big Gates of Seoul are well-known places because of their functions and surroundings. Originally, the Four Big Gates functioned as the gate that defended against enemy’s invasion. But now, these gates, especially, Dongdaemun and Namdaemun are both noted because of circumjacent faculties of every kind. Dongdaemun receives attention as tourist attraction since there are many flower markets, clothes markets and book stores around there. And Namdaemun is located in the most important place in Seoul because there are Cheongye creek, Myeondong, and Jonggak nearby Namdaemun. So Four Big Gates are worthy of perambulation for foreigners.

Moreover, there is Changdeokgung palace in Seoul and it is famed for its venerable grandeur. Changdeokgung palace is a detached palace that was built during the Joseon Dynasty. This palace is composed of external palace(외전) in which king manages political affairs, inner palace(내전) as living space for king and queen, and back garden(후원) as break area. Particularly, the back garden of Changdeokgung palace is well-known for making the best of traits of natural landscape. Since the palace is beautiful overall, it is good to visit.

What is more, Jongmyo as the royal ancestral shrine is renowned for its importance cause it is a world heritage site. People have enshrined king or queen’s ancestral tablet in Jongmyo. Jongmyo is distinguished structure because of its form that facade and horizontality is stressed. It is heritage which contains valuable materials needed for studying nature and characteristics of ancient oriental culture. In addition, there are lots of places to visit for foreigners in Seoul. For example, Kyeongbokgung palace is the famous place to visit. Kyeongbokgung palace is place where king lived during the Joseon Dynasty. It was destroyed by Japanese Invasion of Korea in 1592, so Emperor Kojong rebuilt the Kyeongbokgung palace in 1869. It is a huge palace. It takes about 1 hour to look around there. At there, you can see lots of structures that old people have constructed. In Kyeongbokgung palace, there is very beautiful lake called ‘Kyeonghoeru Pavilion in Kyeongbokgung Palace’. If you have a chance to visit Kyeongbokgung palace, you would better take a picture of Kyeonghoeru Pavilion.
경복궁(Kyeongbokgung Palace)
Another place is Insa-dong. Insa-dong is korean traditional culture street. There are lots of old things and souvenir in Insa-dong. There, you can eat delicious food. For instance, Kkultarae is the best food in Insa-dong. Kkultarae is candy which resembles cotton candy, however it is not big, but bite-sized.
Also, Ssamji-gil is the famous place for foreigners. Ssamji-gil is a big shopping center. But like other shopping center, at Ssamji-gil, you can buy traditional stuff. In addition, you can experience traditional culture.

On the other hand, there are many noted shopping malls in Seoul. People who are young and interested in fashion prefer shopping malls which are located in surroundings of ‘Garosu gil road(kind of tree-lined street)’ and ‘Hongdae station’. There are many clothes stores around ‘Garosu gil road’. Especially, some of those stores sell various fashion items made by Korean rising fashion designers and some of the stores are managed by the very designers. So, you can buy products with fine quality which were made by emerging fashion designers. Also, there are a lot of shopping malls of big-name brand. They sell fashion items of South Korean brand as well as foreign country brand’s clothes such as H&M, Forever 21, and ZARA.

Finally, there are a lot of clubs in which you can hang out in Seoul. For example, in Gangnam, around Hongdae station, and in Cheongdam, there are many clubs.
Octagon is the most famous club among clubs in Gangnam. Because the equipments in the club are very fine, so that can make good sound. Club named MASS is also famed because celebrities drop by there. In Cheongdam, there is a club whose name is ‘Ellui’ which has the biggest space. It has much than 3300 square meters space. Therefore many people can hang out in the Ellui. In Hongdae, there is a famous club named INSOME. You can spend amusing time regardless of age range in the INSOME.

These are what we prepared for presentation. Thank you for your attention.

4. References

5. Discussion questions

(1) Which place do you like the most in seoul, among what we referred in our text?

(2) Do you like Dongdaemun markets? Why or why not?

(3) Do you like to hang out in a club? Why or why not?

(4) Which shopping mall do you like the most?

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