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May 14, 2014

Tourist Attractions of Japan

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Class 117
group 1
members 이현주, 최진욱

Tourist attraction : Good for tourists like place and event
Be plated by : coverd with a thin layer with a metal
Statue : a figure of a person or an animal in ston, metal, etc
Preserve : to keep a particular quality
Redevelop : to change an area by building new roads, houses, factories, etc

Hello everyone. We are Group 1. My name is —.

And my name is —.

We are both in the deparment of Japanese studies.
Today, we prepared about Tourist attractions of Japan for our presentation.

Japan is a famous country among tourists, because of its nice attractions.
Beautiful sightseeing, unique traditions, shopping quarters and relaxing places attract tourists.

삿포로 눈축제
First, there is world famous festival in Hokkaido’s winter.
It is snow festival.
This festival is held every Feburary in Sapporo.
There are many statues made of snow and ice.
Many people visits Sapporo, when the festival is held. And they the enjoy festival for a week.

긴자 야경
Second, Japan has its unique tradition.
If you go to Japan, you can see Many places which are preserving interesting cultural architectures.
Kyoto is the most popular area of traditional area.
Kyoto was the old capital city of Japan.
So there are many temples and houses.
Today’s capital city is Tokyo, but Japan Government didn’t redevelop Kyoto.
It made Kyoto into a tourist city.
There is a temple named Kinkakuji, which is one of the most famous temples, because it is plated by gold.

Next, if you want to rest, there are nice spas in Japan. Kyushu and Hokkaido is famous for a lot of spas.
1)There is a villige, kurokawa which is consist of spa in kyushu.
And, the famous spa of noboribetsu is placed on hokkaido.

We can’t except shopping when we went trip.
In fact, Many people visits Japan to spending their money on shopping.
Ginza in Tokyo, is popular shopping quarter.
In Ginza, tourists can see many stores are sell a name brand.

Thank you for listen, and have a good day.



Discussion Questions
1. Where do you want to vist in Japan? Why?
2. We didn’t mention about food. Then What is your favorite Japanese food?
3. Where is the best place to go on a trip in Japan during the summer? Why?


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