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May 18, 2014

How To Do Well On Your Presentations

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1. Stand at the front of the class, introduce yourselves, and introduce your topic.

2. Present the Glossary (vocabulary).

3. Present the text and explain the pictures (e.g. “This is a picture of Korean figure skater Kim Yu-na, taken at the 2010 Vancouver Olympics.”)

4. Ask your classmates (the audience) if they have any questions. If they do, answer their questions.

5. Go back to your seats and sit down.

6. Mr. Stansfield will go over the Discussion Questions.

7. Everybody in the class will discuss the questions.

Note: I judge the writing of your presentation (having all components, such as vocabulary, and in the right order). I judge by what appears on my web-site,

not on what appears on Power Point presentations, etc.


– Do NOT be late for your presentation!

– All members participate in presenting (Divide the presentation amongst all members.)

– Look at your audience when you speak

– Don’t speak in a monotone

– Look and sound alive, not dead.

– You can occasionally look quickly at small, hand-sized cards with your main points on them. Do not read from them or look at them for too long. You can

just glance at them, and then look quickly back to your audience.

– Respect other groups when they do their presentations (pay attention, don’t talk, etc.)


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