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June 2, 2014

More about Final Speaking Exam

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* Do not miss your appointment!
I only have one week to test all of my students, so I can’t reschedule. So if you miss your appointment, you miss the test, and you get 0 out of 30 points. Also, you will be marked absent for the whole week (3 hours).

* Arrive a few minutes early.

* Wait inside the classroom, not outside in the hall. So, be in the classroom a few minutes early.

* Do not be late! I will start the test on time. For every minute that you are late, you will lose 6 marks out of 30. Also, if you miss a section (e.g. the two conversations), then you will receive zero (0) for that section.

* Do not wait for your partner to arrive. Go inside the classroom and wait.

* If your partner does not arrive in time, Mr. Stansfield will act as your partner.
(Because of this, you should have your script written out in case of emergency.)

* There must be two different conversations. Don’t do the same conversation twice.

* Two different questions must be asked. Don’t ask each other the same question.

* When answering a discussion question from the list (from the class presentations):
– answer with complete sentences.
– give some details.

* Don’t speak too quietly. (You don’t have to be loud. Just be loud enough for your partner and I to hear you easily.)

* Don’t hesitate or pause.
e.g. “I like … ummm … Halloween best because … uhh … you can put on a … 뭐지? … costume and go to a … 뭐라고? … party.”
If you are trying to remember something, then say, “Let me think …”



  1. Hi Mr.Stansfiield,
    I am a student from class #57 and i have a question about final speaking exam.
    In the interview, when we do part 1, “Two conversations” part, do we just pick any random topics to talk about?
    or is there certain topics that we have to use in the conversations just like “Two Questions” part?

    sorry to bother you!
    Thank you!

    Comment by 김기량 — June 7, 2014 @ 2:14 pm | Reply

    • “In the interview, when we do part 1, “Two conversations” part, do we just pick any random topics to talk about?”

      –> Yes, you can pick any random topics to talk about.

      Comment by richardlstansfield — June 8, 2014 @ 12:46 am | Reply

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