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October 12, 2014

Vocabulary: Units 7, 8, and 9

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backpacking: (noun) travelling or camping with your clothes and belongings in a backpack

dome: (noun) a curved, round roof of a building

herd: (noun) a large group of animals, such as cows, that live and eat together

inviting: (adjective) pleasant and attractive

llama: (noun) a large South American animal with a long neck and long hair, often kept for its meat, milk, or fur and to carry heavy loads

memorabilia: (noun) objects relating to famous people or events that people collect

poke: (verb) to appear through or from behind something, or to make something do this

superb: (adjective) excellent

tram: (noun) an electric vehicle for carrying passengers, mostly in cities, which moves along metal lines in the road

trek: (noun) a long, difficult journey that you make by walking

van: (noun) a vehicle that is used for carrying things but that is smaller than a truck

wander: (verb) to walk slowly about a place without any purpose

bargain: (noun) something that is sold for less than its usual price or its real value

snorkel: (noun) a tube that you use to help you breathe if you are swimming with your face under water

insect repellent: a substance that you use to keep insects away

day off: (noun) a day when you do not have to work, or do something that you normally do

binoculars: (noun) a piece of equipment for looking at things that are far away, made from two tubes with glass at the ends:

awful: (adjective) very bad, of low quality, or unpleasant

weird: (adjective) very strange

taste: (noun) the particular things you like, such as styles of music, clothes, decoration, etc.

charity: (noun) an official organization that gives money, food, or help to people who need it

tablet: (noun) a small computer that you use by touching the screen

antique: (noun) an object that is old, and often rare or beautiful

anecdote: (noun) a short story that you tell someone about something that happened to you or someone else

sprain: (verb) to injure part of your body by twisting it, but not so badly that it breaks

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