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October 16, 2014

Midterm Listening Exam Information

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* The midterm listening test will take place on Wednesday, October 22 at 1 pm.

* All students, including those who already have a job, have to take this test to pass the course.

* Check the portal site ( for the room number in which you will have the test.

* There are about 40 questions on the test. There are:

– 24 short conversations
– 2 longer conversations
– 2 long monologues (one person talking)

* You can write notes on your question sheets (but not your answer sheets). This is a listening test, not a memory test.

* You should bring:

– school identification (school ID card)
– a pencil and eraser
– a computer pen

* To decrease the number of mistakes that you make, first use your pencil to fill in the dots. After finishing, use your computer pen to fill in the dots.

* Do not be late!
When the test starts, the door will be locked.
So, if you are late, you will not be able to take the test.

* Practice by going to the website below:

* Practice some English shortly before your test. This is like warming up and stretching before doing sports or exercise. It prepares you.


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