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November 30, 2014

List of Discussion Questions

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__________Class 26__________

* Do you want to change your housing type? Why or why not?

* What causes you distress in your life?

* What’s your favorite amusement park ride, and why?

* Do you think being an “early bird” benefits your health and life?

* Are you happy about studying your major/

* What’s your favorite winter sport, and why?

* Have you ever visited Busan or Jeju Island?

* If you went to Mongolia, what would you want to do, and why?

__________Class 56__________

* What do you think about gambling?

* Which country would you like to travel to, and why?

* Which kind of tea do you like most, and why?

* Which wearable device would you like to buy, and why?

* What’s your favorite kind of alcohol, and why?

* What places in Japan do you want to travel to, and why?

* What’s your favorite UNESCO world heritage site, and why?

* What’s your favorite movie, and why?

__________Class 86__________

* What restaurant near Inha University would you recommend, and why?

* Do you trust movie reviews? Why or why not?

* What do you think about people who try to enter the Guiness Book of World Records?

* What’s your favorite food when you drink alcohol, and why?

* Do you want to go to a festival in Spain? Why or why not?

* If you were on a first date, how would you try to make a good impression?

* Would you like to go scuba diving? Why or why not?

* What do you think we should do to protect the environment?

__________Class 116__________

* Which fashion styles do you like, and why?

* Would you like to try to predict your future? What would you want to know?

* What do you think of The Rubber Duck Campaign?

* Do you have negative impressions of hip hop? Why or why not?

* Would you like to go to an amusement park? Why or why not?

* Which place in Seoul would you recommend, and why?

__________Class 146__________

* If you could be a Disney character, who would you be, and why?

* What do you think makes a good restaurant?

* What do you think are the beneficial effects of the television show “Non-summit”?

* What’s your favorite movie, and why?

* What’s your favorite place in Inha University, and why?

* What is a festival that you are interested in, and why are you interested in it?

* Would you like to make friends with students who major in Visual Communications Design? Why or why not?

* What’s your favorite restaurant near Inha University, and why?


November 25, 2014

Information Updates: Speaking Test

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– You cannot read (of course!).

– Please wait inside the classroom.

– It’s a good idea to write your script. If your partner is late or does not come, you will start on time with Mr. Stansfield. Mr. Stansfield will be your partner and you can get full marks.

– Don’t speak too softly or too loudly. Speak loudly enough for your partner and Mr. Stansfield to hear you clearly.

– Don’t speak too slowly or hesitate or pause too much. (e.g. “I like … ummm … Halloween best because … uhh … you can put on a … 뭐지? … costume and go to a … 뭐라고? … party.”) If you are thinking or trying to remember something, you can use the phrase “Let me think …”

– When you answer a discussion question, you should use complete sentences and give some details.

– In the Telephone Conversation, you must be Student A in both conversations, or Student B in both conversations. However, in the two short conversations, you and your partner take turns starting the conversation. In other words, you will be Student A in one conversation, and Student B in the other.

Final Speaking Exam Appointments

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Find your class number to see your appointment day and time. If your name is not here, you do not have an appointment, and therefore must talk to Mr. Stansfield.

Class 26
Tuesday, December 9
Student A Student B
9:10 (권소희) 이효진
9:20 현성용 최재화
9:30 박솔 김유신
9:40 양재우 박현빈
10:00 최승용 돌곤
10:10 목동균 이욱진
10:20 박성완 김형학
10:30 이찬규 이종문
10:40 이유미 권소희
Thursday, December 11
Student A Student B
11:10 임채빈 오민석
11:20 임하나 김세영
11:30 이재윤 권용원

Class 56
Monday, December 8
Student A Student B
11:00 김형남 손재완
11:10 김명수 정홍경
11:20 조정현 이아영
11:30 정고은 안도희
11:40 김태훈 조형준
Wednesday, December 10
Student A Student B
9:20 사키 최유락
9:30 정홍배 (이주윤)
9:40 박건서 박수민
10:00 박광석 장현근
10:10 이주윤 김광훈
10:20 박수용 안소영
10:30 배대규 최제우
10:40 윤병수 이영동

Class 86
Monday, December 8
Student A Student B
1:00 석월월 동호문
1:10 배성진 정창식
1:30 박찬영 김종관
1:40 신정민 고광윤
2:00 이희규 최주성
2:10 안재욱 양태원
2:20 김유현 전민찬
2:30 장인송 문성일
2:40 김태경 홍희진
Thursday, December 11
Student A Student B
12:00 한정훈 ( 오 한빈 ? )
12:10 김승미 김홍재
12:20 박지현 이아형
12:30 홍승욱 김준형
12:40 신창원 강명진

Speaking Test Appointments: Class 116
Wednesday, December 10
Student A Student B
1:00 진청문 이소미
1:10 고명성 한상훈
1:20 허민수 오세현
1:30 송기훈 (한상훈)
2:00 리효가 \리사우
2:10 변성윤 조은비
Friday, December 12
Student A Student B
11:00 강유진 김공아
11:10 김민욱 최진혁
11:20 박경수 곽진승
11:30 김진희 서희정
11:40 신혜수 박다윤

Class 146
Tuesday, December 9
Student A Student B
12:00 이병관 안지혜
12:10 김하정 이소미
12:20 오승현 박다운
12:30 김은희 김소연
12:40 이희준 이혜지
Friday, December 12
Student A Student B
1:00 이현정 윤미진
1:10 이재만 문손휘
1:20 박성하 한승미
1:30 장은주 김연정
1:40 공성욱 오승택
2:00 임문수 김형철
2:20 박종익 박다성
2:30 김민혁 위현민
2:40 김태양 (위현민)

November 19, 2014

About Final Speaking Test

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* 2 Telephone Conversations

Conversation One

Student A: You are a math teacher. You collected homework today in class. During your conversation, you spill your coffee. Interrupt and Restart your conversation.

Student B: You are a student. You were absent from class today. You want to give your homework to your teacher. You call your teacher to ask if you can meet tomorrow in the teacher’s office. Begin the conversation with “Ring, ring.”

Conversation Two

Student A: You won a writing contest. The prize was two free tickets to a movie. You want to invite your friend (Student B) to come with you. You call your friend. Begin the conversation with “Ring, ring.”

Student B: You are Student A’s friend. During your conversation, a delivery boy arrives at the door with a pizza. Interrupt and Restart your conversation.

–> You must be either Student A in both conversations or Student B in both conversations. (This is so that each student can “Interrupt the Conversation” and “Restart the Conversation.”

* 2 Short Conversations


A: Every month I say to my boss, “I need a rice.”

B: I don’t get it.

A: A “rice.” The word I’m looking for means “more money.”

B: Oh, I get it! You mean a “raise.”

–> Sentences to use in this are:

– I don’t get it. // Can you say that again, please? // What do you mean? // I have no idea what you are talking about.

– The word I’m looking for … // What do you/we call … ? // What’s it called? // It’s used for … // You see it … // It looks like …

– Oh, I get it! // I know what you mean. // Oh, I see!

* Asking Each Other 1 Discussion Question (2 in Total)

From each presentation, one discussion question will be chosen or made up.

About Written Test #2

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* Telephone English *

What can you say when:
– you ask to speak to someone?
– you leave a voice-mail message?
– you want someone to return your call
– you need to interrupt because you have another call?
– you call someone by mistake?
– you can’t hear some of the other person’s words?
– the phone call suddenly ends?


What can you say when you ask to speak to someone?


“Could I speak to ____, please?”

* Telephone English II *

Interrupting a Conversation:

– Just a minute/second.
– Excuse me just a second.
– I’m sorry. Hold on (a second).
– Could/Can you hold on a second?

Restarting the Conversation:

– What were you saying?
– You were saying?
– Where were we?
– What were we talking about?

* Telephone English III *

Beginning a Phone Call

Formal: to a teacher, boss, etc.

– Could I speak to … (e.g. Could I speak to Mr. Smith, please?)
– This is … (e.g. This is Fred Jones.)
– I hope I’m not bothering you by calling now.
– I hope I’m not calling at a bad time.
– I’m calling to … (e.g. I’m calling to see if I can meet you in your office.)

Informal, Friendly: to a friend

– Could I speak to _____ . (e.g. Could I speak to Tom?)
– This is … (e.g. This is Ali.)
– I hope I’m not bothering you (by calling now).
– I’m calling to … (e.g. I’m calling to see if you can tell me about today’s homework.)
– I’m calling about … (e.g. I’m calling about the homework assignment.)

Direct: to a store, theater, restaurant, hair salon, etc.

– Could you tell me … (e.g. Could you tell me if you sell CDs?)

Ending a Phone Call

Formal: to a teacher, boss, etc.

– I don’t want to take up any more of your time.
– Thank you for your help./Thank you very much.

Informal, Friendly: to a friend

– Thanks a lot.
– I’d better let you go.

Direct: to a store, theater, restaurant, hair salon, etc.

– Thanks for the information.

Other Useful Phrases (Direct)

– I heard about you from a friend of mine.
– I read in the newspaper that you were having a sale.
– Could you tell me how much the charge is?
– Could you tell me if you have/do/fix …

Other useful phrases

– May I ask who’s calling?
– May I leave a message?
– May I take a message?

* Trying to Remember Words *

– What’s his/her name?

– What do you call it/that … ? (singular)

– What do you call them/those … ? (plural)

– You mean _____ . / Do you mean _____ ?

* Finding the Right Word *

* The word I’m looking for … (The word I’m looking for is the name of an animal. //
The word I’m looking for means “strange.”)
* What do you/we call … ? (What do you call the thing we use to cook something quickly?)
* What’s it (called)? (What’s it used for?)
* It’s used for … (It’s used for hitting things.)
* You see it … (You see it in a house.)
* It looks like … (It looks like a TV.)
* … thing … (It’s a thing which has an iron head and a wooden handle.)

* Matching Similar Sentences *





* Vocabulary *

dormitory: a large building at a college or university where students live

goatee: a little short beard

wig: false hair

cargo pants: baggy pants with pockets

platform shoes: shoes with thick soles

ponytail: long hair tied at the back of your head so that it hangs down like a horse’s tail

identical twins: two babies who are born at the same time from the same egg, and look exactly the same

freckles: very small, brown spots on your skin from the sun

bald: when you don’t have any hair

braces: a set of wires that some children wear to make their teeth straight

How To Do Well On Your Presentations

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– do NOT be late for your presentation!

– introduce yourselves

– introduce your topic

– go over the vocabulary

– all members participate in presenting (Divide the presentation amongst all members.)

– explain any pictures (e.g. “This is a picture of Korean figure skater Kim Yu-na, taken at the 2010 Vancouver Olympics.”)

– look at your audience when you speak

– don’t speak in a monotone

– look and sound “alive,” not “dead”

– You can occasionally look quickly at small, hand-sized cards with your main points on them. Do not read from them or look at them for too long. You can
just glance at them, and then look quickly back to your audience.

– respect other groups when they do their presentations (pay attention, don’t talk, etc.)

* This is the procedure:

1. Stand at the front of the class, introduce yourselves, and introduce your topic.

2. Present the Glossary.

3. Present the text and explain the pictures.

4. Ask your classmates (the audience) if they have any questions. If they do, answer their questions.

5. Go back to your seats and sit down.

6. Mr. Stansfield will go over the Discussion Questions.

7. Everybody in the class will discuss the questions.


There are two parts to your presentation mark: the writing, and the presentation itself.
I judge the writing of your presentation by what appears on my web-site (e.g. having everything in the right order, having 5 vocabulary items, 3 discussion questions, etc.).
You do not have to have a Power Point presentation. You can use what is on my web-site. If you think it will make your presentation better, you can do it.

Dates for Presentations and Appointments for Final Speaking Test

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Find your class number.


Class 26

Thursday, December 4, 11:00  Written Test #2

Tuesday, December 2
9:00 Group 6: Winter Sports
9:25 Group 5: Naval Architecture
10:00 Group 7: Our Hometowns
10:25 Group 8: Mongolia

Thursday, November 27
11:00 Group 4: How to be an “Early Bird”
11:25 Group 3: Amusement Parks

Tuesday, November 25
9:00 Appointments for Final Speaking Test
10:00 Group 2: “Healing” (Konglish meaning)
10:25 Group 1: Student Housing

Class 56

Wednesday, December 3
9:00 Group 6: World Alcohol
9:25 Group 4: Japanese Culture
10:00 Written Test #2

Monday, December 1
11:00 Group 2: UNESCO
11:25 Group 7: Famous Korean Movies

Wednesday, November 26
9:00 Group 8: Gambling
9:25 Group 3: World Tour
10:00 Group 5: Tea of the World
10:25 Group 1: Wearable Devices

Monday, November 24
Appointments for Final Speaking Test

Class 86

Thursday, December 4, 12:00  Written Test #2

Monday, December 1
1:00 Group 7: Festivals
1:25 Group 6: Useful Skills When Dating
2:00 Group 5: Scuba Diving
2:25 Group 8: Pollution

Thursday, November 27
12:00 Group 3: Guinness Book of World Records
12:25 Group 1: World Alcohol

Monday, November 24
1:00 Appointments for Final Speaking Test
2:00 Group 4: Good Restaurants Near Inha
2:25 Group 2: Review of “My Bride, My Love”

Class 116

Friday, December 5, 11:00
 Written Test #2

Wednesday, December 3
1:00 Group 2: The “Rubber Duck Campaign for Peace”
1:25 Group 4: Is there music that impresses you?
2:00 Group 5: Global Amusement Parks
2:25 Group 6: Seoul’s Hot Spots

Friday, November 28
11:00 Group 3: About Fashion Styles
11:25 Group 1: Divination: Do you trust it or not?

Wednesday, November 26
 Appointments for Final Speaking Test

Class 146

Friday, December 5
1:00 Group 1: Introducing Our Major
1:25 Group 7: Tasty Food of Inha University
2:00 Written Test #2

Tuesday, December 2
12:00 Group 5: Famous Movie Directors
12:25 Group 8: Inha University’s Interesting Places

Friday, November 28
1:00 Group 6: Festivals
1:25 Group 3: Delicious Restaurants Near Inha University
2:00 Group 2: The Walt Disney Company
2:25 Group 4: Non-summit

Tuesday, November 25
Appointments for Final Speaking Test

November 16, 2014

Japanese Culture

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* did not upload on the assigned day
* parts of first draft were plagiarized

1. Class #56, Group 4, 조정현, 이아영, 나카무라 사키, 최유락

2. Glossary
transportation : a facility consisting of the means and equipment necessary for the movement of passengers or goods
brew : drink made by steeping and boiling and fermenting rather than distilling
animation : the making of animated cartoons
rock : a genre of popular music originating in the 1950s; a blend of black rhythm-and-blues with white country-and-western
provincial : characteristic of the provinces or their people

3. Text
Our presentation is about Japanese Culture.
First topic is transportation. There are many kinds of transportation. There is a high speed train similar to Korea’s KTX. Its name is SHINKANSEN[1].


Its maximum speed is about 280km/h but it’s safer than other kins of high speed trains. And Japanese subway is so complex. There are many kinds of express lines and normal lines. Subway lines connected to all train lines. Japanese taxis are very expensive. Basic charge is 700yen~800yen(7000 won) and after 10PM 20% more charge is imposed. Surprisingly, it has an automatic door. When passenger get off the taxi, drivers open the door.

Second topic is Japanese Sightseeing. Osaka, the second largest city of Japan, is only two and a half hours from Tokyo by Shinkansen. OSAKA is a city on creating a unique culture. In particularly the unique food culture of Osaka has prospered. You know that Takoyaki, Okonomiyaki are the food of Osaka.


In addition Osaka used a provincial accent. For example “love” the word in Japanese is “aishiteru” but Osaka people use “aishitende” . Japanese men like a woman who uses Osaka a provincial accent. [2]

Third topic is Japanese popular culture. First, Japanese animation.


Japanese animation is very famous in the wowrld. Japan was investing to anmation long time. consequently , japan is top country of the world in animation. Major Work is “The Spiriting Away Of Sen and chihiro”. This movie won in “ACADEMY AWARDS”.[3] I very impressed this movie. Second, Japanese popular music. Japanese popular music based on rock. I love to it. because I playing bass guitar in band. I love to japanese rock’s soft sound like a “L’Arc-en-Ciel”. Listen to L’Arc-en-Ciel’s “drivers high”. This music very good for me.

Last topic is Japanese food. There are many kinds of Japanese food. Typical food of Japan is Susi. Susi is a food covered with fish, egg, or laver over rice mixed vinegar. Susi is famous all around the world.[4] Another food is Ramen. Ramen is a noodle food. When
make Ramen we use noodle, soup brewed pork, green onoin, boiled egg. There are many kinds depending on local. Typical Ramens are Soyu Ramen, Miso Ramen and Donkots Ramen.[5] Last food is Tempura. Tempura is a food fried seafood, vegetable. Typical materials are shrimp, squid, eggplant, sweet potato, chili, pumpkin. But materials are not limited.[6]

4. References



5. Discussion Questions
– Do you know about Japanese Culture?
– What is your Favorite Japanese food? Why?
– Are there any places in Japan that you want to go to?

November 7, 2014

Tasty Food of Inha University

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class: 146, group: SEVEN, member; 12143915 안지혜

I found a places that have tasty food neer Inha university.
(1). 닭살부부


This place is rotisserie chicken and pork neck are popular menu items. Especially it’s grilled pork neck is famous. Really, soft and chewy texture because it is roosted with electricity. it is baked on the grill you can eat it in the warm condition for a long time.
location is…..
(2). 봉실봉실


You think balance of chicken and 떡볶이(stir-fried rice cake)? The taste is better than we thought. If you don’t hurry that food will be sold-out because direct curring and cook for ourselves in restaurant. Chicken is so crunchy that great chewy texture and it was not oily dipping 떡볶이 sauce
Location is… tip : Rice and sauce mix is very well
(3). 탕공


this place is a new chinese restaurant. the present, famous of student because good price and amount food. particularly sweet and sour pork is recommended. It’s is crunchy texture because of fried sweet rice and pork. All menu items highly recommend!
Location is… Tip: personally, creb meat fried rice is sooooooo delicious.

Q. what is your favorite restaurant near INHA Unv.?
Q. Have your ever been in this place?
Q. What kind of menu items the most delicious food?

Introducing Our Major

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Class 146.
GROUP 1. (12143899 이병관. 12143890 이소미. 12143886 김하정.)

Our presentation is about ‘Introducing Our Major, Visual Communication Design.
We study in the 서호관 building, which is next to the 5호관 building.
We have four main professor in our major.
First profesor is 강현주 professor.
She teaches ‘History of Design’ and ‘Local social of Design’.
Second professor is 조영민 professor.
He teaches ‘Identity Design’.
Third professor is 주마나몽 professor.
He changed his name. Beacause He loves Animation so much.
This name means ‘Animation’ in Chinese
Final professor is 성상희 professor.
She teaches ‘English for Design’, which speaks taught in English.

Now, We will introduce about First year classes.
First, ‘History of Design’ is a theory class.
This class is basic for Design, so very important class.
Next classes are practical classes.
First practical class is Drawing.
Drawing is basic for art.
We draw nude croquis this class, which involves nude models

드로잉 모음

Second practical class is ‘Illustration’

일러스트 모음

Illustration is the harder Drawing class.
The goal of this class is to show our creativity and self processes.
Class topic is our stories that’s show our works.
Third practical class is ‘Principle of Design’

디원 가구만들기

We learned similar Design company’s work in class.
We used to photoshop and illustrator program.
Final practical class is ‘photo and moving&still’, which is we study standard technique of take a picture and moving effect over the moving program over moving effect.

Finally, we will intruduce about exhibition.
First exhibition is a project exhibition.
This exhibition is all student participate withal homework.
This time exhibition is 비룡plaza 6 layer when November 24~ November 29.
Second exhibition is graduation exhibition.
This year graduation exhibition open in GangNam 루미나리에 gallery.
We finish ppt before see the VCD introduce movie.
Let’s see!!!

Thank you

Q. Do you understand VCD?
Q. Do you want major meeting with our major student?
Q. Do you want VCD friends?

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