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November 5, 2014


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1. class #56, group #8, group members’ names: 김태훈, 손재완, 조형준

2. Glossary
1). Gamble: to risk money on the result of a game, race, or competition
2). Casino: a place where card games and other games of risk are played for money
3). Stakes: money or other advantages that you may get or lose in a competition or situation
4). Token: a round piece of metal or plastic that you put in some machines instead of money
5). Playing card: one of a set of 52 small pieces of stiff paper with numbers and pictures on, used for playing games

3. Text

Our presentation topic is gambling.
Gambling is betting money, valuables or skakes on uncertain result of game, sport, or competition.[1]
Gambling have many ways to gamble. for example, slot machine, poker, blackjack , toto etc.
So, to play gambling needs people or some instrument ,such as playing card/trump, slot machine, dealer, dice, or coin


Gambling occur in many places of a kind that casino, racetrack, internet, school, online-game.
typical place among the rest, Casino use casino token to be used instead of money,
token have valuables according to colors. white:1$, pink:2.50$, red:5$, blue:10$, green:25$, black:100$.
Also, Casino token have unique number and security equipment[2]


Expected income probability on the casino games is generally lower than 50%.
Slot machine:48~35%, if you put 10$ into casino, you will lose 0.4$~3$
Baccarat:48.83%, Blackjack:49.72%, Wheel of fortune;38.89%~25.93%
Therefore, gambling in casino take up your money, time, life[3]


4. References


5. Discussion Questions
(1)What do you think about gambling.
(2)how ofter do you gamble.
(3)Whavt is your favorite gambling.

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