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November 5, 2014

Korean Famous Movies

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Class #056

Group #7

Group members name : 12141693 박 광 석, 12141776 최 제 우

Glossary :

concubine : in former times, a concubine was a woman who lived with and had a sexual relationship

with a man of higher social rank without being married to him

High Roller : a person who spends money extravagantly or gambles recklessly.

psychological warfare : Psychological warfare consists of attempts to make your enemy lose confidence,

give up hope, or feel afraid, so that you can win.

desperate : if you are desperate, you are in such a bad situation that you are willing to try anything to

change it

tsunami : a tsunami is a very large wave, often caused by an earthquake, that flows onto the land and
destroys things

Text :

Our presentation is about korean famous movies.

Fist of all, there are many genres in the movie!

For example, there are Comedy, Horror, Romance, Action, Adventure, Crime, Fantasy,

History, Animation, etc . . .

Maybe, I’m sure that probably most people have their favorite genre!

From now on, I will explain some of them shortly and clearly.

Comedy movie is a story that tells about funny or comical events.

For example, ‘과속스캔들(Speed Scandal, 2008)’ is a typical comedy korean movie.

And, horror movie is a story that frighten the audience on purpose.

Ghosts or spirits are usually appeared in the horror movie.

‘여고괴담(Whispering Corridors, 1998)’ is an example of korean horror movie.

And, Romance movie involves a love.

For example, ‘건축학개론(Architecture, 2012)’ is a popular romance movie in korea.

The leading actress is Su-Ji who is famous and pretty singer!

Lastly, action movie involves the dynamic and desperate scenes including explosions, fighting scenes, etc…

For example, ‘명량(Roaring currents, 2014)’ and ‘아저씨(The Man from Nowhere, 2010)’

are action movies.

As you know, We can’t talk about movies without actors.

Actors have a important role in the movie.

강동원(Gang DongWon), 최민식(Choi MinSik), 하지원(Ha JiWon) are famous actors in korea.

Choi MinSik is a famous actor in korea.

He acted in “Rucy”, “New world”, “Roaring Currents” etc.

He was appeared in the Hollywood movie and he got so large role in “Rucy”.

When he contracts, he put the proposed ‘South Korea derogatory ban’.

Um, There are many famous korean movies.

I will introduce some part of them.

First, ‘해운대(Haeundae, 2009) is the first tsunami disaster movie in korea. [1]


Haeoundae is the place in Busan.

The main actors are Seol GyeongGu, Ha JiWon, Park JungHun, and Um JeongHwa.

And the directors’ name is Yun JeGyun.

Yun JeGyun director is on the place and on the time that happened the india ocean tsunami.

So, he imagines the situation that occur tsunami on Haeundae, and he makes this movie.

This movie get a prize on many movie festivals.
Number of audience members of Haeoundae is over 11 million.

Second, I will talk about High Roller.

High Roller means ‘타짜’ in korea.

This movie is based on comic book, and the comic book has 4 part. [2]


This movie deals with a gambling.

Part1 and part2 play a korean card game, for example, ‘섯다(Sut-Da)’ and ‘고스톱(GoStop)’.

Later it will be playing the poker on part3 and casino is deal with in part4.[2]

The view point on the movie is sexy actress, psychological warfare on card game,

and many card game skills.

Third, I will talk about ‘왕의 남자(King’s Man, 2005).


Number of audience members of King’s Man is over 12 million!

This movie’s background is the Joseon dynasty era.

And this movie deals with sexual minority like gay.

This movie is fiction, but the gong-gil character is existed person on the past.

The gong-gil is king’s entertainer and king loved gong-gil [3]

So, royal concubine jealous of him, so she wanted to rid him.

If you didn’t see these movies, watch these!


References :





Discussion Questions :

(1) What is your favorite movie? Why?
(2) What is your favorite genre? Why?
(3) How often do you watch movies?


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