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November 5, 2014

Tea of the World

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1. class # 56 // group # 5 // group member’s names : 박수용, 안소영, 윤병수, 이영동

2. Glossary

per capita : The per capita amount of something is the total amount of it in a country or area divided by the number of people in that country or area.
stir : If you stir a liquid or other substance, you move it around or mix it in a container using something such as a spoon.
drowsiness : If you feel drowsy, you feel sleepy and cannot think clearly.
analgesic : A drug reducing the effect of pain.

3. Text


Let us introduce tea of the world. The phrase, tea of the world, means a each country’s traditional tea and famous tea in the world too.
We not only introduce just a kind of tea, but introduce information about tea of the wolrd, such as history and culture.
As it were, we’ll talking anything about the tea.

First, we introduce tea of the Europe
Britain is the second highest per capita tea consumption in the country in the world. Tea consumption per person reaches the average 2 .1 kg per year.
Tea is usually served with milk. Surprisingly cream is never used.
For a long time, in britain, the conduct drinking tea not only enjoy the flavor, symbolize cultural expression of calm and margin.
Black tea is a typical drinking fermented tea leaves. Black tea is very famous in Europe, but began in the mid-16th century China tea.

Although they usually drink coffee, Germany has their traditional tea; strong Assam tea
kluntjes, a cup and black tea is ready. kluntjes is one kind of slowly melting sugar.
In the cup, pour the tea over kluntjes. Then add the cream.
Unusual point is provided by the state without stirring, without a spoon.
Initially the tea is in three layers to taste the cream, followed by black tea, and finally enjoy kluntjes at the bottom of the cup.

We’ll inevitably talk about the coffee. In general, We know coffee is powder of coffee tree’s fruit. It has unique fragrance. So, it is used to raw material of tea. Now we introduce efficacy of coffee. First, polyphenols which is included in coffee is known for antioxidant substance. So, it has anticancer, antiaging efficacy. Caffeine which is included in coffee has many efficacy. One thing is prevention of dementia, another thing is weakening of depression, the other thing is weakening of migraine. And, it also has arousal efficacy. But, excessive intake of caffeine is not good for health. Excessive intake of caffeine makes breathing or heart beat fast, stomach disorders, heart palpitations and cause insomnia.

coffee tree

cf) Daily adequate intake of caffeine is 400mg for general adult, 300mg for pregnant women

Herb used as a drug is also favored as tea. The birthplace of the hub Mediterranean.
Typical types of hub is peppermint, rosemary, chamomile, let’s look at the efficacy of these.
Peppermint improves concentration and helps prevent drowsiness by aroma effect.
Aroma has an analgesic effect and helps remove unpleasant odors.
Smell of rosemary tea relax a physical and mental and relieve stress. So If you rub it on the head, you can see the effect on hair loss prevention.
Kemomail will help to improve the immune system. The improvement is to prevent the flu and help to improve skin problems.
Jasmine is helpful for smooth circulation of the blood. So it is helpful for diet, the circulation promoting reduction of fat.

Next turn is mate tea. Mate tea is one of the world’s top three tea with coffee and green tea.
Surprisingly, it is called a green tea in South America or Paraguay tea.
It is made by Mate tree’s leaves. If we talk how to make it in the order. First put the basket, parch on the bottom, dry until made cracks on the surface and then make the flour by hand, twisting in the basket.
When you drink, put the mate tea a bottle and pour hot water, and then suck slowly with Bonbia, lengths 20cm, in the end of the via hole tube. Mate tea’s flavour is bitter.
But, because Mate tea’s good effect is not a big talk, we have to willingly accept the falvour. Somebody, of couse, love the flavour given that it is one of the favorite of the world..

There are many kinds of Korea traditional tea
we’ll introduce two representive traditional tea. One is 수정과 and the other is 식혜. 수정과 is a sweet drink made with cinnamon, dried persimmon and ginger. 수정과, its name, means the snack that soak in water. Its effect is digestion promotion, prevent flu, promote the circulation of the blood and anemia improvement by ginger’s effect.
식혜 is a cold drink. we go so far as to eat it in freezing state. Surprisingly, it is made with fermented rice.

수정과(Korean traditional tea)

So far, we have been talking about many kinds of tea in the world.

4. References
(for adding picture)

5. Discussion Questions

① Which tea is the most attractive to you ?
② When do you usually drink the tea? or why do you usually drink the tea?
③ Do you know anything else about a kind of tea. if you know, what?


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