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November 5, 2014

UNESCO World Heritage Sites

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1. class #56, group #2, group members’ names 김명수, 장현근, 정홍경

2. Glossary

(1) ethnography : a scientific description of the culture of a society by someone who has lived in it, or a book containing this
(2) synthetic : not made from natural substances
(3) concentration : a large number or amount of something in the same place
(4) extermination : to kill a large group of people or animals
(5) limestone : a white or light grey rock that is used as a building material and in the making of cement

3. Text

Hello everyone, We are group 2. we will introduce about UNESCO

(1) Introducing UNESCO and History

UNESCO is the rule of law and freedom and human rights, better go to education, science and international cooperation through cultural exchange between nations in peace and security in further of the To contribute was founded in 1945.[1]
UNESCO’s activities ” for the World Cultural and Natural Heritage on the Protection of the Convention (the convention concerning the protection of the world cultural and natural in 1972) heritage[2], and was introduced in 1976, under UNESCO World Heritage Committee (world heritage committee, WHC) was founded and begins to publish the World Heritage List since 1978, the first time.[3]
Registration and protection of the site, as well as adoption of a convention on cultural diversity Will conduct a joint projects, such as the memory of the world to conserve heritage, historical records.[4]
Archaeological Site, the product of synthetic and natural combination and the product of artificial including in areas where, coronary in history, ethnography or anthropologically outstanding universal value with heritance.[5]
Science, conservation and when the point of view of natural beauty the outstanding universal value that gives you exactly reveal a natural area or a natural monument.[5]

(2) UNESCO World Cultural Heritage.

[6],[7]Auschwitz Birkenau, Mont-Saint-Michel

Auschwitz Birkenau in Poland was a concentration and extermination camp operated by german Nazi during World War 2. it consisted of three different major camp and 45 satellite camp.
around 200 million Jews, approximately 1 in 6 jews and many other country people included Roman, Soviet prisoners, and homosexuals were killed in the gas chambers and died of starvation, forced labor, execution and medical experiments.
after liberation by soviet union, these camp have operated as museum and gallery to show nazi’s brutality and designated as world heritage by unesco in 1979.[6]

Mont-Saint-Michel is an island located 1 km off the France’s northwestern coast.
this island had used as strategic fort since ancient times due to it’s unique position and nature phenomenon.
the structural composition of town show the feudal society at that time.
on top is meaning god. below this is great hall then store and housing and at the bottom , out side the wall is fisherman’s and farmer’s housing.
In 1979, unesco designated this island and bay as world heritage.
around 3 million people visit this france’s landmark each year to see it’s beautiful silhouette and harmony with the surrounding nature.[7]

(3) UNESCO World Nature Heritage Site.

Second we will introduce UNESCO World Nature Heritage Site.

[8],[9]Galapagos Island, Ha long bay

First we can introduce ‘Galapagos Island’
As you know, There are a lot of Island and bay. Galapagos Islands is located in the Pacific Ocean, 1,000㎞ from the South American continent. Also it is known base for variety of marine organism. The Present shows that earthquakes and volcanic activity made the island. Galapagos Islands has a lot of rare animals, for example land iguana and giant tortoise and finch.
Finally Charles Darwin visited the island in 1835 It inspired the theory of evolution. [8]

Next we introduce ‘Ha Long Bay’
As you know, There are a lot of Island and bay. Ha Long Bay is located in Vietnam north. In 1994, it was registered in the UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site. because It is very beautiful scenery. There are 3,000 islands and rocks towering over the sea. Ha Long Bay has a lot of Mammals, reptiles, and birds.
Especially on islands made ​​of limestone there are many limestone caves.
Every year 100 million tourists visit Ha Long Bay. [9],[10]

4. References
[1],[2],[3],[4] :

5. Discussion Questions
– Which standard of selection of heritage site do you think are reasonable? why?- Do you know any UNESCO sites of korea? what’s your favorite?
– What’s your favorite unesco world nature heritage site? why?


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