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November 5, 2014

World Alcohol

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Class : 56
Group : 6
Group members’names : 박건서(12141692) 박수민(12141701) 배대규(12141712)

1. additives : a chemical that is added to food in order to make it taste or look better or to keep it fresh
2. yeast : a substance used to make bread rise and to make beer and wine
3. kidney stones : a solid mass of hard material that can form in the kidney and cause pain
4. appetite : the feeling that makes you want to eat
5. digestion : the process in which your body changes food in your stomach into substances that it can use
Our presentation is about World Alcohol.
We will introduce three countries’ alcohol.
First, There are many kinds of alcohol in Korea.
For example, there is soju, makgeoli, dong-dong-ju and so on.
But, we will explain two kinds of them.
The most usual alcohol seen around us is soju.
Soju is made of tapioca[1] from South America and has many additives.
It tastes bitter but very cool.
Soju has 16 to 21 percent alcohol content.[2]
There are many side dishes like soup, fried potatoes and raw fish.
But the best of them is pork.
We usually drink soju in small cups.

파전, 막걸리, 잔

And we will explain another alcohol, makgeoli.
Makgeoli is made of rice and yeast.[3]
It tastes sweet and nutty.
It has 6 to 7 percent alcohol content.[3]
The best side dishes are pajeon that match with makgeoli.
It’s a match made in heaven.
We drink makgeoli in bowls.

맥주 축제

This time, We will explain famous alcohol in Germany.
In Germany, beer is the most famous alcohol.
Beer is made of barley and hop.[4]
Typically, Beer has 5 percent alcohol content.[5]
But each beer has little different alcohol content.
It tastes bite and a little bit bitter.
In General, German drink beer with Schweins Haxen and Wurst.
In Germany the traditional cup is mass that German drink beer in.
One of the world’s three Festival is Oktoberfest that is the world largest beer festival and held in munchen, Germany.[5]
Beer has a good effects to our body.
Its effect is to make a healthy heart, to make a strong bones and to help people with kidney stones.[6]

보르도 와인 축제

Finally, we will explain famous alcohol in France.
In France, wine is the most famous alcohol.
Wine is made of grape and yeast.[7]
Wine has 10 to 23 percent alcohol content.[7]
In France, they have wine with hors-doeuvre and fish.
Each wine has various tastes.[8]
When classified according to the sugar content, there are dry, semi-dry, semi-sweet and sweet.[8]
And also, when classified according to the weight-feeling, there are light-bodied, semi-bodied and full-bodied.[8]
Wine glass is Bordeaux Red wine Glass and Bourgogne Glass.[9]
Its effect is to promote heart disease, to promote appetite and digestion, and to help anti-aging.[10]
The most famous wine festival is Bordeaux Wine Festival in Bordeaux, France.[11]

People drink alcohol for various reasons.
For example get together, to forget their sadness, and to promote friendship.

Our presentation is over.
Thank you for listening.


5)Discussion Questions
1.What’s your favorite side-dishes?
2.what’s your favorite alcohol?
3.which alcohol did you drink?


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