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November 5, 2014

World Tour

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1. class 56, group 3, 김형남, 안도희, 정고은

2. Glossary
a. heritage site : [NOUN] A country’s heritage is all the qualities, traditions, or features of life there that have continued over many years and have been passed on from one generation to another.
The historic building is as much part of our heritage as the paintings
b. prestigious : [ADJ] A prestigious institution, job, or activity is respected and admired by people.
It’s one of the best equipped and most prestigious schools in the country.
c. collapse : [VERB] If a building or other structure collapses, it falls down very suddenly.
A section of the Bay Bridge had collapsed
d. magnificence : [NOUN] the magnificence of the Swiss mountains
e. cemetery : [NOUN] A cemetery is a place where dead people’s bodies or their ashes are buried.

3. Text

Our presentation is about world tours. Frist, If we go on a world tour, we will go to Asia. Asia is bigger than other contients. Asia has a large population. So, Asia consists of korea, japan, china, vietnamm Etc.

신주쿠 거리 사진

Now We will go to Japan. follw me! Japan is an island nation in East Asia. one of japan’s hot spot is famous street. For example, sinjuku street is shown on TV. So, if you think about japan, you must think sinjuku stret. And sibuya street is manin street. people in their twenties go to sibuua stret. so sibuya street informs us of trends among twenty-something. [1]

베를린 돔

The next continent is Europe! Europe has 50 countries! Now we are going to Berlin! Berlin is the capital of Germany! We can go to many interesting places in berlin. The frist is berlin dom in the berlin island. This berlin island is heritage site. this place the prestigious German Rich Hohenzolle of cemetery church built in use. 270 up 270 staits, the top of the dom. And we can see pipe organs. [2]

자유의 여신상

we have to go America! Because, America is a beautiful continet. New York is a seaport. The statue of Liiberty is in Newyork. The statue of liberty is 46meters high. You will be struck by this magnificence. The statue of liberty is center of the U.S.A. If you look down at the city nightscape. that you very will see with wonder! I like a neon light at the night city. do you like? also, the statue of liberty of nightscape is excellent! [3]

How about world tours?
Where do you want to go to the best of the three countries we have introduced?
Where do you want go? This information will contribute your trip! Good World tour! Thank you for listening to our presentation.

4, References


5. Discussion Questions
1. How about world tours?
2. Where do you want go?
3. Where do you want to go to the best of the three countries we have introduced?


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