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November 6, 2014

Amusement Parks

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1. Introduce
Class #26
Group #3
Group members 권소희, 목동균, 이욱진, 이유미

2. Glossary
– distinguishing : [adjective] characteristic of one thing or person, so serving to identify it; distinctive.
– reservation : [noun] a qualification to an expression of agreement or approval; a doubt.
– boast : [verb] help or encourage (something) to increase or improve.
– operate : [verb] (of a person) control the functioning of (a machine, process, or system).
– haunt : [verb] (of a ghost) manifest itself at (a place) regularly.

3. Text
Hello, everyone. We’re group3. Our presentation will introduce famous amusement parks in Korea.
There are three big amusement parks in Korea. These are ‘Lotte World’, ‘Ever Land’, and ‘Seoul Land’.
We will present each one’s distinguishing features.
First, ‘Lotte World’ located in Jamsil.
The biggest advantage of Lotte World is that it’s the most convenient place to go, because it is connected to the Jamsil station and you can get there through many different kinds of transportation. (eg. Bus, subway, texi, etc.)
Lotte World’s famous rides are Atlantis, Gyrodrop.


Gyrodrop is a ride in which you fall for three seconds from a height of 80 meters. And Atlantis goes at 72 kilometers per hour boosting very fast speed unlike other common rollercoaster. You must be careful for first boosting.

Second, ‘Ever Land’ located in Young-in.
Ever Land is the largest amusement park in Korea, and you can see a great landscape especially spring.
Ever Land’s most famous ride is ‘T-express’ which is the fastest and highest rollercoaster in Korea amusement park. This is called wooden roller coaster because it is made of wood. But you don’t have to worry about safety.

It’s speed is 104 km/h, but you will feel like 200km/h! Also, it goes down at a 77 degree angle.
It is very thrilling and interesting. But for this, you will have to wait a long time in order to ride.
Fortunately, Ever Land has Q-pass service system, and you can save time through this reservation system.

Thirdly, ‘Seoul Land’ located in Kwacheon, Gyeonggi-do.
Seoul land’s famous rides are ‘Blackhole’ , ‘World cup’, and ‘Sky-X’. Blackhole is a rollercoaster that has a dark turnel on the rail. There are many ghost dolls and galaxies in the dark turnel.
World cup is a ride on soccer ball in which you spin with three oter people.


To enjoy Sky-X, you have to pull the lever yourself at a height of 50m. If you pull a lever, it rushes through the air with 85km/h. It is very exciting, but you can’t use free pass ticket and pay an additional fee of 15,000 won.

Last, Worl Mi theme park is located in ‘Worl Mi-do’, Incheon.
Alothough this amusement park is not as famous as other places, it has it’s one unique feature.
The most famous thing of Worl Mi theme park is the Disco. It is a kind of ride, which has a round shape.


People sit in chairs attached to the edge of the Disco and then it starts to rotate, often pumping one side of it. Also, there is a DJ controlling the Disco, teasing people, and that is another reason why many people visit to Worl Mi theme park. In addition,

4. References
[1] is about Lotte world :
[2] is about Everland :
[3] is about Seoulland :
[4] is about Wolmi theme park :

5. Discussion Question
– When you first went to an amusement park? How old were you?
– Do you know any other amusement park in korea?
– what do you think about these rides? What is your favorite? Why?


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