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November 6, 2014

Good Restaurants Near Inha University

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1.Team members
class 86#, group 4#, 고광윤
class 86#, group 4#, 신정민
class 86#, group 4#, 양태원
class 86#, group 4#, 안재욱

Gyu-dong : Japan style beef meal
Beef tartare : steak (= meat from a cow) cut into very small pieces and eaten without being cooked
Sso maek : a cocktail that is used instead of whiskey
Rice wine : Steamed glutinous rice, rice, barley, wheat and Mixed the yeast and water and fermented.
Croquette : It is small amounts of mashed potato or meat rolled in breadcrumbs and fried

Our presentation is about good restaurants near Inha-university.
There are many restaurants near Inha-university but we will introduce some famous restaurants

I will introduce the restaurant called San jjomae. This place is a restaurant which sells Japanese ramen.
Ramen soup is made from the pork and chicken, really delicious and Prices are cheaper than average, around 6000 won.
Besides ramen, Here it is possible to enjoy a variety of menus such as Gyudong and croquettes.
Finally, if you eat a jumbo ramen within 20 minutes, to the events that you can use the San jjomae in Free one year. [1]
If you want to try to challenge your spirit and stomach, I would recommend the event.


I’ll introduce to you to AMIGO pizza shop
First, the location of this restaurant is going up from the pharmacy intersection and go to the left
Menu of pizza is Gorgonzola, margherita, diavola etc, pizza not seen in the general pizza shop
I recommendation Gorgonzola, Gorgonzola has a lot of cheese, so the taste is very nice and sweet and not only pizza but also Chicken, various snacks and world beer are sold
So if you want to go different bars, want to eat Different pizza and if you find Date worthy restaurants with girl friend or boyfriend, I recommendation AMIGO and There is a special menu of Amigo drinks called Towers of sso maek. [2]
Price is cheap and atmosphere is good so if you are tired of obvious bar, I recommendation AMIGO


I’ll introduce to you about “육앤샤” that I think one of the good restaurants at Inha University.
Once “육앤샤” has typically Shabu-Shabu and Beef Tartare, etc. In addition, there are a variety of foods with beef ingredients.
Basic Beef Shabu-Shabu is 4900 won and much more quantity Shabu Shabu price is 6500 won. The price is affordable.
Plus, beef and vegetables, noodles and rice cakes are also able to be added to what you want to eat even more so within 3000 won.
Also there is a rice wine and liquor. Thus Shabu Shabu and Beef Tartare are mainly when i going to “육앤샤”. Then I ordered some rum. It seems appropriate.
Not only the beef quality is good but also boss service is good. The Beef Tartare is 15,000 won. If there is not enough from eating Shabu-Shabu broth refills are also available. [3]
Put the rice in the remaining broth after eating and boil down the broth. Then it becomes porridge which tastes good.
And the interior is nice, and you feel a little Japanese atmosphere with Polaroid photos and Notes are stuck on the wall.
Therefore because these points, Not have to be a student at Inha University, I recommend the good restaurant enough to eat go to Inha back gate.

I research about my favorite restaurant that I ate near inha university. This restaurant’s name is BIN’s house. It sells some pastas and steaks.
It is located opposite side of Inha back gate. Especially all main menu items are 5,000won. And all side menu items are 3,000won. [4]
Before we eat main menu, al the time they serve soup. I ate some menu of this restaurant, but my favorite menu is cheese Italy hambak steak.
It is cost 5,000won. When I poke this steak, cheese in steak is coming out, so I might eat them separately.
It is not enough to make men feel full, but it is enough to make women feel full.
I have been first time when older grade treated me.
But I don’t feel full so I ordered additional side menu.

4. References

5. Discussion Questions
1) What is your favorite restaurant near Inha university? And why?
2) Could you recommend restaurant to enjoy on your birthday? And why?
3) Where do you think the worst restaurant near Inha university? And why?


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