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November 6, 2014

Guiness Book of World Records

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1. class86 #, group3 #

2. Glossary

record : information that is written on paper or stored on computer so that it can be used in the future

publish : to prepare and print a book, newspaper, magazine, article, etc so that people can buy it

characteristic : a typical or obvious quality that makes one person or thing different from others

measure : to judge the quality, effect, importance, or value of something

challenge : something that is difficult and that tests someone’s ability or determination

3. Text

Our presentation is about Guinness book of world records.


World records are written in the Guinness book.

The Guinness book started at Guinness Brewery.

In 1951, on November 10th, the owner of Guinness brewery, Sir Hugh Beaver wanted to know which bird is the fastest in Europe.

So in 1954, Sir Beaver requested to Mcwhirter brothers for edit about world unique records.

Then they published the Guinness book of world records.[1]

There are many kinds of records in the Guinness book of world records.

Some of them are about the physical characteristics of people.

The tallest man living is Sultan Kösen from Turkey who measured 251cm[2]

The shortest living man is Chandra Bahadur Dangi from Nepal who is 54.6cm tall.

Melvin Boothe has the longest fingernails on a pair of hands in the world.

His nail length is 9.85m.

The heaviest person was Jon Brower Minnoch in medical history who have weighed more than 635kg.

But he went on a diet and reduced his weight over 400kg. It is his another world record.

Other part of the Guinness book is challenge.

Florian Silbereisen who is Germany TV presenter was walking the longest distance on hot plates. It is 25m long.

And we will introduce one of the extra ordinary Guinness Records

The heaviest weight lifted by nipples is 31.9kg on September 2009.


His name is Sage Werbock also known as “The Great Nippulini” in Pennsylvania, USA.[3]

Also, there are many Guinness records in Korea.

Korean Pop Superstar PSY’s “Gangnam Style” became the first video to be viewed more than 1 billion times on YouTube.

His video has been ‘liked’ more than 2,141,758 times. It is the a Guinness World Record for the most ‘liked’ video in YouTube history.

In 2012 on February 23th, in kangwondo Pyeongchang, 3006 of Baekseok university students performed “Human blood drop” flashmob.
so it was selected as the “The largest human blood drop” because they had broken the old record of 1728 people in Argentina Republic.


Especially Because orientation for freshmen was held on that day the event was expected to be a chance to overcome former oriention’s problems like heavy drinking and also some accidents from it, to be a special memory for freshmen and a opportunity to change some thoughts of blood donation.[4]

During the Korean War of 1950 to 1953, 67 countries were supporting the Korea.

It was a record for the most countries to support an ally in war.

Lastly Korean electronics company ‘LG’ has world record in information technology field.

LG Optimus 2X is the first smart phone to use a dual core processor in the world.

It was made in Korea, on 25 January 2011.[5]

4. References






5. Discussion Questions

What is the Guinness record you want to challenge? And Why?

What do you think about people who challenge the Guinness record?

Do you think the Guinness Book of World Records will continue to be maintained? And Why?

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