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November 6, 2014

Healing Culture

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Group 2.

양재우, 최재화, 현성용


1.Heal : If a wound or broken bone heals, it becomes healthy again, and if something heals it, it makes it healthy again

2.Stress : feelings of worry caused by difficult situations such as problems at work

3.Share : to have or use something at the same time as someone else

4.Happiness : the feeling of being happy

5.method : a way of doing something, especially a systematic way


Our presentation topic “Healing culture : how to rest”

The origin of the konglish meanings of “healing” comes from “Healing camp”, a Korean talk show.

“Healing” means revitalizing our daily life.

There are 3 segments.

First, Genger : Man, Woman.

Most men enjoy playing games, sports, and watching sports.

ANd most women enjoy chatting, shopping and watching dramas.

The biggest difference between men and women is that women share their “Healing experiences” on Social Networking Services (SNS) such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


Second, we can divide it according to Age : up to young adults, middle aged, and elderly.

1. The traits of upto young adults group that we include are sharing experiences and getting empathy.

So they usually upload their experiences.

2. Middle aged. This group thinks that health is the most important thing. So their

healing methods are climbing mountains, and eating healthy foods.

3. Last group is ederly. They are happy when spending time with family, granddauthers and grandsons.

Finally, we divide the “Healing culture” in to watching, eating and outdoor activities.

Examples of watching are watching dramas, movies, and sports game.

And examples of eating are drinking coffee & sweety in cafes and eating chicken and drinking beer.

Last, soccer, riding bucycles and traveling are in outdoor activities.

I have three methods to ‘Healing’ my life.
First I enjoy watching dramas.
[1] While watching dramas, I feel empathy for the characters and escape from boring reality. Also it offer me a number of indirect experiences.

Second, I enjoy waching sports games like England Premium League.
It is a great time for me to watching sports games.
While analyzing sports game, I feel like as if I could be a expert of sports field.


Third, Temple stay is my Healing method. [2] In the temple area, I can eat healthy foods and breathe fresh air in complete silence.
I think it is very calm and peaceful in the temple’s atmosphere. I can eat boiling tea and has a ritual ceremony.
It revitalize my polluted mind.

※ Reference



Hello my name is Jae Wha Choi. And I want to introduce my way of “healing”.
My method is to exercise. These days, my favorite sports are basketball and boxing.
Once or twice a week I play basketball or do boxing with my friends.
While I play basketball or do boxing, I enjoy the feeling when my body makes adrenaline.
After I exercise, I feel that my body and mind get refreshed.
So I can get energy to face my problems and continue my life.
Like the meaning of “healing”, working out makes me lift up. And also I become more healthy.
I can feel the merit of my way and I can feel that I become more good player, so the more I play the more I love the way.
[1]I have the perfect thing to make me feel better.

Let me introduce my healing mothod.

The method is watching movie.

Watching movie is my tonic.

Particularly, I like films with plenty of action.

For example Jackie Chan’s seires.

when i enjoy his movie, i feel excited and stress buster.

So i recommend watch movie when you need “healing”!

[1]Photo by friend’s instagram


1.What do you think about the Konglish word ‘Healing’?

2.Why are you looking for ‘Healing’?
(What is causing you distress?)

3.Why do people upload their ‘Healing’ stories onto Social Networking Services?


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