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November 6, 2014

How To Be An Early Bird

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1. class #26, group #4, group members’ names : 이효진

2. Glossary
1) Disturbance : something that interrupts what you are doing, especially something loud
2) Temperature : how hot or cold something is
3) Habit : something that you do regularly, almost without thinking about it:
4) Rhythm : a regular, repeating pattern
5) Study : the activity of studying a subject in detail in order to discover new information

3. Text
My presentation is about how to being an ‘Early Bird’. It means a person who wakes up in the morning or goes early [1] . If you’re an ‘Early Bird’, your boss would like you than others in your job. There are many good ways to be an ‘Early Bird’


First, Sleep habits are one of most important things. Our bodies have a physical rhythm. so we have to keep these rhythms to sleep well.
A good habit to sleep is not to see a light before sleep. [2] I assure it will disturb your sleep and also body rhythm. So, It would be great before you are going to sleep, put away your cell phone and check the lights off. It will help your sleep.
And Second is ‘Food’
Sleeping at night is important. But, To sleep well, You have to avoid some foods that are bad for sleep. Let me introduce one of them.
Most people like to drink coffee after lunch or work at night. As you know, To drink coffee at night is really bad for your sleep even at noon.[3]


So I would like recommend you to avoid drinking coffee at least at night. Instead of drinking coffee at night, it would be better to drink milk. it will help your sleep.
The last thing is ‘Sleep Background’


Making your sleep background friendly is the most important thing for being an ‘Early Bird’. One of the ways to make great background is to friends with morning sunlight. It means if you’re friendly with sunlight, you will wake up without any alaram. so it is a good ways to set the bed under the windows to be friends with sunlight.[4]
And second thing is to set proper temperature and moistures, because if these things are too high or too low It will disturb your sleep definitely.
According to a study about sleep, Sleeping without any disturbance is helpful to wake up in the morning. So if you want to be an ‘Early Bird’, It would be great to read these three big things i told you.
Thank you.

4. References
[1] :
[2] :
[3] :
[4] :

5. Discussion Question
* What do you think about your sleep time and habits ?
* Do you think being an ‘Early Bird’ will benefit your health and life ?
* Do you think you’re an ‘Early Bird’ ? and if you do, why do you think so?

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