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November 6, 2014

Introducing Spain

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1. Class 86 / Group 7 / Members’ names 배성진, 오한빈, 정창식, 홍승욱

2. Glossary

* Paella : saffron- flavored dish made of rice with shellfish and chicken
* Celebrity : a widely known person
* Blindly : without preparation or reflection
* Passionate : having or expressing strong emotion.
* Religious : concerned with sacred matters or religion or the church

3. Text

Our presentation is about introducing Spain. Spain is officially called the “Kingdom of Spain” with and area of 505,992 km2 spain is the fifth largest country in Europe. Forty-eight million people live in Spain. Spanish people use espanol as official language and now. we will introduce spanish food, famous area Ibiza, sports(soccer) and festivals. First spain is a famous wind producer. the most typical food is spanish sausage hamong and paella. [1]


Secondly. i will introduce the famous area “Ibiza” this island is about 80km away from the east of Valencia and during peak tourist season, many celebrities and tourists travel to come here. because every day there is a is a party, all places are clubs, people always sing and dance and drink alcohol day and night. i recommend going to this place when you are young. because… old people will have enough stamina to play here but island of the off-season is a good resort for anyone. it has many beautiful beaches. such as “Ses Salines” and “Cala Compte” if you want to enjoy a glass of wine and delicious food at this beach, you have to blindly go to Ibiza island. but first go to “Madrid” and “Barcelona” going to three places when you travel in spain is perfect. [2]

El Clasico

Spain is famous for soccer. There are many famous soccer teams. For example, It’s “Real Madrid”, “FC Barcelona”, “Valencia”, “A.T madrid”. The most popular teams are “Real Madrid” and “FC. Barcelona” There are many star players such as C.Ronaldo, messi, Bale and Neymar.JR. Also There are good players that are from spain such Ramos, PIQUE, Iniesta and XAVI. And the most interesting match is Elclasico which is match between Real and Barcelona. El Clasico is loved by people around the world as well as by the spanish. Given the chance of seeing Elclasico, you should not miss it. Because that is one of the most famous match in the world. Now as you know, If you take a trip in spain, you must visit Barclena’s stadium and Real Madrid’s stadium. [3]

Tomato Festival

Tomato festival is a festival held in august in Valencia. about 120 tons of tomatoes are poured into the streets. and residents and tourists throw tomatoes at each other During Tomato festival, which is a week, fireworks, performances and food festivals are held together. [4]
Flamingo dace festival is a traditional dance festival held annually in spain. During the festival, spanish women wear colorful wrinkled skint, dance beautifully.
San Fermin is a religious festival held in hot July. [5]
Pamplona is changed into the most passionate town during the festival. San Fermin is famous for “Bullfights”. it excites the participants. but it is also dangerous because of wild bulls. and San Fermin is famous for “Encierro”. wild bulls rush at the street. and, people rush out into the bullring avoiding bulls. it is also a very dangerous event. [6]
“Thank you for listening.”

4. References

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5. Discussion Questions

* Have you been to a korean club? what did you go?
* Which do you prefer Real Madrid or FC Barcelona? Why?
* Do you want to go to a festival in Spain? Why? or why not?


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