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November 6, 2014


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Class 26 , group 8, Name:”돌곤, 김형학, 최승용”

– landlocked : surrounded by the land of other countries and having no sea coast
– Steppe : a large area of land with grass but no trees, especially in southeastern Europe, Russia, and northern Asia
– Archery : a sport in which you shoot arrows
– Border : the line that divides one country form another
– Wooden : made of wood

“ Mongolia”

We will talk about Mongolia. Mongolia is a land-locked country in east central Asia.
It’s bordered by Russia to the north and China to the south.


Ulaanbaatar it’s capital and this large
city is home to about 45% of the population. Mongolia’s population is three million.
Mongolia area is about “one million fifty km2”. [1]
Mongolia has a lot of holiday’s. The biggest holiday is “Naadam”.

Naadam festival

It is mongolian traditional
festival. Last summer vacation I joined this festival. It was so much nice and exciting.
There are three traditional games in “Naadam” . They are riding a “horse, wrestling and archery”.
When I was a child I joined this game’s. I rode a horse. It was so hard and interesting.
On festival day’s we eat “Khuushuur”. It’s Mongolian traditional food. It look like Korean “Jun”.[2]
Next biggest holiday is ‘Tsagaan Sar- White Moon”. Tsagaan sar is the Mongolian lunar new year
celebration. It’s the same as Korean “Seol Nal”.
That day people dress in traditional dress. It’s name is “Deel”. And on that day Mongolian people
eat “Buuz”. It’s a kind of dumpling,like korea’s “Mandu”. [3] Then Mongolian traditional instrument
is “Horse head fiddle”. We called it “Morin khuur”. Morin khuur has a wooden-framed sound box.
And morin huur has a two strings and is made of horse hair. [4] Mongolia is of the countries that
is richest in nature in the world.


Because Mongolia has a 7 natural zones. They are : High Mountain, Taiga Forest, Mountain forest
Steppe, Steppe, Dessert-Steppe, Gobi Dessert and wetlands. The Mongolian highest mountain is
“Altai tavan bogd” which is about 4374 meter’s high. The largest Asian dessert is the Mongolian
“Gobi dessert”. The largest Mongolian lake is “Khuvsgul”. It’s looks like an ocean. [5]
Mongolian traditional house is “ger”. The ger is traditionally covered with felt mady by beating
roiling wet sheep fleece. [6]

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Discussion Question
– What do you think about Mongolia?
– If you joined the Naadam festival. What would you want to do? Why?
– If you go the Mongolia. Where would you want to go? Why?


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