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November 6, 2014

Naval Architecture

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class 026 group 5 members’names: 임채빈 , 오민석

1.Naval:relating to the navy
2.freshman:s student in the first year of high,or university
3.distinct:clearly separate and idfferent(from something else)
4.architecture:the skill of designing buildings
5.uncommon:not seen,happening,or experienced often

[1]our presentation is about Naval architecture, which is our major
As we are freshmen , we haven’t had many chances to learn about our major
so we don’t know about Naval architecture exactly.
but we will introduce our major as much as we can


Naval architecture is one of the majors which has a long tradition in InHa university
because our major has 60years of tradition, like InHa university has 60years of tradition
In other words, our major has a long history which has lasted for 60 years.
and it is one of the points of which we are proud
also Nowdays, it is difficult to get a job
we are proud of our major which has a high employment rate after graduation
on the other hand, the employment rate for naval architecture has slowly gone down
finally, we are proud of our major which has distinct charactics.
In other words, our major is an uncommon major.
becaus other universities have various majors, but hardly any have Naval architecture.
Among universities with Naval architecture, InHa university has a high ranking


Discussion Questions
1.What do you think about the decreasing empoyment rate?
2.Are you happy about studying your major?
3.What would you want to say to the freshman that apply for next year?


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