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November 6, 2014


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Class 86
Group 8
석월월 동호문
Environment: the air, land, and water where people, animals, andplants live.
Chimney: a wide pipe that allows smoke from a fire to go out through the roof.
Engines: the part of a vehicle that uses energy from oil,electricity, or steam to make it move.
Tap: the part at the end of a pipe that controls the flow of water.
Soil: the top layer of earth that plants grow in.
Our presentation is about pollution.


There is a lot of pollution in our city, such as, nature pollution, urban environmental pollution, water pollution, noise pollution, etc. These kinds of pollution are changing our lives. It has a negative effect on our lives.

Smoke flows from the Fertiberia factory in Huelva, southern Spain

Let us see what the negative effect is. Humans cut down trees and forests. A lot of coal is used for energy. And many people drive cars every day. The car exhaust pollutes our environment.[1] Smoke from factory chimneys pollutes the air.[2] And machines and engines make noises that annoy us constantly.[3] The environment is very important for us. So it’s time to solve those problems.
How to protect our environment? First, Let people realize the importance of environmental protection. We can let people know it through education. Second, take action quickly. We should start from us, start from side minor matter. For example, without water, there can be no life on earth. People and animals need water. We need it to drink, to clean ourselves and to cook. Drinking water is becoming less and less, because water was polluted by people. What should we do? I think we should save water. For example, when we brush our teeth, we should turn off the tap. We shouldn’t pollute the fresh water. When you are washing your hair, you should turn off the shower. We can use the water that has washed vegetables to water plants. We should recycle water. And, we should stop factories from pouring waste water into the river.[4] We should plant trees in order to keep soil. When you see someone is wasting water come over and stop him. Don’t pour the rubbish into the river.


Finally, I think we should start from us, start from side minor matter for environmental protection. And we should try to make a good habit.


Discussion Questions
1. What do you think is the importance of environmental protection in your daily life?
2. Do you think we should do for environmental protection?
3. How do you think we should save water?


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