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November 6, 2014

student housing style

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1. class #26, group #1, group members’ names 김세영, 박성완, 임하나
2. Glossary
Housing: buildings for people to live in
Nitpick: to find faults in details that are not important.
Curfew: a fine, especially at night, when people are not allowed to leave their homes.
A self –boarding student: someone who pays for a place to sleep in someone else’s house.
Black mark: the fact of people noticing and remembering something that you have done wrong, or failed to do.
3. Text
Our presentation is about student housing style. While we are studying in university, our housing must be changed. We have 3 types of students. (a day student, a self-boarding student, dormitory student.)
First, Many students are a day student. They come to school by bus, subway, school bus, and on foot from their home. We can take a school bus at the bus stop to the predetermined time. [1] A day student has 2 strengths. One is saving money. That’s why a day student doesn’t need to pay rent. They can save money to buy something or to eat. Another is less house work. That’s because the family shares the house work. But, a day student has 2 weaknesses. It is curfew. Most of them (a day student) have to go home by am 12:00. If the home is far away from school, it takes a long time, and very tired.


Next, also many students live in a dormitory. The strength of living in a dormitory is having roommates, safety, facilities, and so on. Roommates are opportunity that can make new friends. It can be eaten with even supper at night. And the facility of dormitory is good compared other types of housing. But they also have curfews until PM 12:00. If they are against this rule, get black mark and cannot enter the dormitory between PM 12:00 ~ AM 5:00. It’s a very hard thing for fresh man 🙂


Finally self-boarding students live near our school. They have more freedom than any other students. They don’t have curfews, they don’ have mother’s nitpicking. Despite these advantages, they should always solve all the problems alone. By the way, a self-boarding student’s housing is classified into two types. One is one room. Another is studio apartment. Their differences are the size of room, facility, and so on. But price is more expensive than one room.


4. Reference
# information
# photo

5. Discussion questions
1. What is your housing type? Do you like it? or not?
2. What are the strengths or weaknesses of your housing type?
3. Do you want to change your housing type? Which type? Why?


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