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November 6, 2014

Useful Skills When Dating

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1. Class #86 Group #6
김승미 12142079
김유현 12091748
김홍재 12142085
전민찬 12071686

2. Glossary
skill – the ability to do an activity or job well, especially because you have practised it
message – a piece of written or spoken information that one person gives to another
style – a way of designing hair, clothes, furniture, etc
place – a position, building, town, area, etc
conversation – a talk between two or more people, usually an informal one

3. Text
Our presentation is about useful skills when Dating. We have many chances to make girl friends and boy friends. But we miss many chances because we do something bad behaviors. So, we should be introduced to useful skills when Dating. If you meet someone lovely, first you have to send Kakao message.


Appropriate messages can evoke favorable attitudes from others but inappropriate ones entail totally opposite results. [1]I’m going to deal with the latter cases, namely cases with the wrong messages. The first case is the one where a drunk person unconsciously tells all the thoughts in his mind. This kind of misdeed can make every effort he has made come to nothing. The second case is to send a message that is embarrassing to reply to. For examples, daily sending such a hard-to-reply messages like “It’s so hot today.” or “I see some stars in the sky, although they are two or three.” can get receivers perplexed. After texting proper messages except for the cases above, one may have to ask for a date. If someone goes out for a date wearing shabby clothes to an inappropriate place without any preparation, he is likely to get no replies from his date from then on.


As to the style, we’d better not wear too formal clothes which might let our date feel uncomfortable. But too comfortable and shabby apparel of which a wearer is likely to go out for exercise can cause our date to be embarrassed as well. [2]Wedding consulting company DUO carried out a survey(or surveyed) targeting or single man and woman. As a result of the survey, 59.3% of single man prefer woman in feminine dress, 63.2% of single woman prefer man who dressed up decently. If you choose style, then you have to choose date place. If you choose the best place, you have to consider your partner’s taste. But If you don’t know your partner’s taste, you must avoid places that are excessively uncomfortable. Uncomfortable place can make that partner want to go home more quickly. Let me suppose that you completed all the preparation and met your date. Places for a date indicate the your own taste and personality. It is better to be fully aware of nice places for a date by getting acquaintances’ recommendations or searching the internet. If you choose a proper place, then next thing you should do may be “Properly Talking”. [3]Then what is the most important thing while talking? That is to form sympathy with your date. The more sympathy with her you form, the more naturally one talking can lead to another and the more intimate with her you can be. Proper reactions make it easier to form sympathy. Formation of sympathy is not getting to know all the things about a topic of conversation, but revealing your interests in it. Trying to have common interests can ultimately lead to forming a bond of sympathy. So It is more beneficial before going on a date to know what the women’s common interests are as for TV Dramas, movies, and so on. Proper reaction, especially to talk with keeping eyes on your date is effective to form a positive mood. What you should be cautious of when you talk is that you should not tell your past love history with your ex-girlfriends. Also you should avoid asking too private questions and pointing out her shortcomings can make her frown.
If you’re as handsome as well-known celebrities, then you don’t need to agonize over how to date well. But because unfortunately you are not, we should keep the advice above in mind.

4. References

5. Discussion Questions
(1) If you were interested in somebody, what kind of message would you send to them?
(2) If you were on a first date, where would you meet your partner? And what would you wear?
(3) If you were on a first date, how would you make a good impression?


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