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November 6, 2014

Winter Sports

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1. class 26, group 6, group members’names: 박솔,이종문,이찬규,김유신

2. Glossary

1). Extreme : the most unusual or most serious possible
2). Classify : to put people or things into groups by their type, size, etc
3). Acrobatic : involving or able to perform difficult and attractive body movements
4). Keen : extreme or very strong
5). Hold : to organize an event

3. Text

Our presentation is about winter sports.
They are many kinds of winter sports. However many people don’t know a lot about winter sports.
So we searched about winter sports and now we’re going to introduce winter sports.
We classified winter sport into 3 categories.

First, we’re going to talk about extreme winter sports.[1]
There are many extreme winter sports.
For example, Ice climbing, Ski jumping, Snow boarding, Bobsleigh and Speed skating are comprised in winter extreme sports.
Basically extreme winter sports are dangerous, thrilling, and powerful, so someone who plays them can hurt themselves.
Ice climbing is when someone who has equipment climbs a mountain cliff which is covered in ice.
Ski jumping is the sport that in which competitors jump far away after sliding fast.[2]
Snow boarding is when competitors wear shoes and snowboard equipment under the shoes sliding down a slope to show technical performance.[3]


Bobsleigh is very extremely dangerous sport with 4 players.They push a sled while running fast. A few seconds later they ride the sled and the sled slides very fast along a zigzag course.[4]

Second, we’re going to talk about winter sports which are calm as compared with extreme winter sports.[5]
Figure skating is typical.
It is sports that palyer who wear figure skate show show acrobatic movement and perform beautifully on ice link.
It is called a flower of item of Olympic game because it is very graceful


KIM-YU-NA who is figure skater in korea is very famous medalist all around the world.
Also, Curling is very silent sport.
it is sports that on ice rink, players let slide curling stone towards a target over cleanig an ice rink which is passed curling stone.
This sports is unfamiliar to someone But we can show at olympic, because it is item of Olympic game.

Third, we’re going to talk about winter sports with friend easily
Throughtout winter, people experience change of climate and surrounding environment such as snow falling and frozen lake.
And so, people enjoy so many winter season sports as using these environmental change.
People use these environmental change to enjoy many winter sports.
Sometimes people drill a hole in the thick ice so as to enjoy ice fishing, winter season sport.
When there are hard snowing, many children run out of the house in order to play ice-fighting or maek a snowman.
In ice fihgting, they construct and keep their team’s camp and occupy other team’s camp through keen battle using snowballs.

Last, we’re going to talk about winter olympic
In 1908, first winter olympic is held on London.
Winter olympic is the festival that be held every 4 years for match athlete’s skill.
South Korea worked hard to held winter olympic 2018 and, finally South Korea became the host country of 2018 Pyungchang winter olympic.


We hope South Korea to do it well!
Thank you for listening our presentation!

4. References


5. Discussion Questions

(1)What is your favorite winter sport? Why?
(2)What do you think about winter extreme sports? They are dangerous so do you think that we should allow them or forbid them?
(3)Do you know famous winter sports athlete? How much do you know about them?



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